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Azarius Goes Crazy: The craziness is over!

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UPDATE: The Azarius Goes Crazy promotion has ended!

Last year we were forced to drag off our unstable Product Manager, just minutes after coming up with some crazy discounts and freebies.

All this time, we thought we were safe - but now the craziness has struck again!

It began subtle. An innocent mention of discounts, a few missing lighters, conversations that suddenly fall silent as you enter the room. But slowly, it became worse...


A large stockpile of grinders, pipes, lighters and - the weirdest of all - acorns was found hidden in a cupboard. The coffee machine was filled with cannabis seeds instead of coffee beans. Internal meetings devolved into incoherent mumbling; the minutes were nothing but the words 'free goodies' endlessly repeated in Comic Sans. And that's when we realized: Azarius has gone crazy, again!

Diagnosis: Goodiemania

Azarius crew member suffering goodiemania


Goodiemania is highly contagious and can be recognized by several symptoms:

  1. The compelling urge to collect all manner of products and nuts, much like a crazy human-squirrel hybrid.

  2. The pathological desire to wrap this stockpile in smaller bags, calling them "goodies".

  3. An unhealthy obsession with discounts, particularly related to cannabis seeds.

So now, we're stuck with hundreds of goodie bags..and we need to get rid of 'em before the virus spreads even further.

How do I get a goodie bag?

All you have to do is order at least one cannabis seed and you'll automatically receive a goodie bag. There's 4 different kinds, which one you'll get depends on the total order amount, check the overview below to see the amounts for each one.

You won't immediately see what goodie bag you'll get - our website has to perform some crazy magic - but you'll see it listed on the confirmation email.

* The content of the goodie bags may vary slightly, offer lasts until supplies run out.

Goodies overview

Goodie bag #1: Plain Crazy
Total order amount € 15 - € 74.99.

Goodie bag #2: Quite Daft
Total order amount € 75 - € 149.99.

Goodie bag #3: Mouthfoamingly Mad
Total order amount € 150 - € 249.99.

Goodie bag #4: King of Crazy
Total order amount: € 250 or higher.

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