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Add Azarius to the safe senders list

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To make sure that emails from our customer support, or updates about your order, do not end up in your spambox, it's advisable to add [email protected] to your address book or list of safe sender's list.

Live, Hotmail, Yahoo! mail, Earthlink, AOL

Add '[email protected]' and/or '[email protected]' to your address book.

Or click 'mark as safe' or 'no spam' after the email has arrived.

Outlook 2003

Below you can see how it is done for Outlook 2003. It may look a little different in your email program, but the principle stays the same.

Outlook 2003 - step 1
1. Open your email program and choose 'Actions', then 'Junk Email' and finally 'Junk Email options'

Outlook 2003 - step 2
2. Select the tab 'Safe Senders'
3. Click on the 'Add' button

Outlook 2003 - step 3
4. Type [email protected] and press Enter. If you would also like to receive our newsletter, you can add [email protected] here.

Sometimes firewalls, anti-virus programs or other tools can block the reception of email. In these cases it's best to consult the manuals of the respective programs or contact your system operator.
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