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Hosting the perfect magic truffles party


Why did the truffle go the party? Because he’s a fungi!

Taking magic truffles with friends can be a blast and we would be seriously remiss if we didn’t go over a number of easy but effective ways to make your truffle party one everybody will talk about for years to come. Spring being a tricky season weather-wise, we’ll go over some of the more interesting things you can do both indoors and outdoors while tripping and what party etiquette you and your guests should adhere to so that everybody has a swell time.

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Magic truffles or magic mushrooms?

It’s safe to assume that not all participants have oodles of experience with tripping on magic truffles so it would be useful to explain what exactly they’ll be putting into their bodies (and more importantly, their brains). Making things crystal clear to your guests might relieve some tension beforehand and will probably increase attendance. Psychedelic truffles and mushrooms are actually part of the same fungus. The cap and stem that pops up above ground could be called the fruit of the fungus, producing spores and allowing the more elaborate, underground part (mycelium) to reproduce. The term ‘truffles’ is a bit of a misnomer as they are actually sclerotia, the part of a fungus that is grown as a food reserve to overcome harsh conditions. When growing conditions improve, the sclerotia can grow into fruiting bodies and become indistinguishable from other above ground mushrooms.  Magic truffles and mushrooms both contain the active psychoactive compounds psilocybin, psilocin and baeocystin or norbaeocystin. So why can you buy psychoactive sclerotia in a smartshop and not their above ground counterparts? In a feverish push to criminalize the sale of magic mushrooms in 2008 after a number of freak incidents, lawmakers simply “forgot” to ban sclerotia and since then, the artificial legal divide has been maintained. Note that the extraction of the most common psychoactive substance, psilocybin, either from mushrooms or sclerotia, is very much illegal.

Chocolate magic truffles

Serving your truffles differently can be done by mixing them with chocolate. This will somewhat lessen the truffles’ bitter aftertaste and who doesn’t love chocolate (some people do, so save some regular truffles for friends who are not of the Chocolaty Persuasion). The best way to prepare your magic candy is by drying your truffles, grinding them to a fine powder in a spice grinder or mortar and mix them with molten chocolate. Make sure to stir the truffle chocolate goo vigorously so the truffles will be evenly distributed when the chocolate hardens. Divide up your truffle chocolate bar by using an ice cube tray so you can hand out reliable portions to your guests. The dosage should also be taking into account that dried truffles are far more potent than their per weight equivalent in fresh truffles. It takes some planning and effort but if you can convince a like-minded friend to help you out, this will prove to be a fun activity that will get you in the right mood for the main event. Check out this more than decent guide for dosing dried truffles.

Magic truffles and trip-sitting

Some of your more inexperienced guests might be more comfortable with a dedicated trip-sitter (or trip-sitters) around to act as confidantes in case the trip’s gets a little too much to handle. This is also an excellent way to involve friends who do not feel like taking truffles but would still like to participate. Listening to your friends coming up with the weirdest ideas and the most interesting artwork isn’t a bad way to spend an afternoon. If you see some of your friends feeling a little gloomy or feeling the need to share their more intimate thoughts during the trip, you can be there to reassure them, distract them or bring them something sweet to drink or eat. It takes an especially empathetic person to be a trip-sitter so choose wisely or opt to trip-sit yourself if it’s the first time you're hosting.

Indoor activities to enjoy with magic truffles

Psychedelic arts and crafts

Tripping on psilocybin truffles brings out our inner child and this can only mean one thing: bring out the colouring books. Arts and crafts will be a particularly interesting to your tripping guests, even to the least artistically inclined. Colours, surfaces and textures have a tendency to appear entirely new and exciting when you’re tripping, as if you’re seeing them for the first time. Think crayons, water paint, colourful pencils, biodegradable glitters, colourful putty and crafting robot costumes out of cardboard boxes. Advise your trip sitters to keep an eye on anybody with the sudden synaesthetic urge to find out what the colour red actually tastes like.

Building with lego while on a magic truffle trip

Seriously. You may find these bad boys at your parents’ place, where your doting parents perhaps have carefully ziplocked your sets and saved them for their future grandchildren. Not only will your delighted guests be excited to discover they’ve never actually fully experienced a lego block before, the creations they’ll come up with will be fit for Architectural Digest.

Psychedelic chill-out rooms

While your main room should of course be a comfortable little paradise with sharp corners protected by fluffy tea mittens, spring cleaned and smelling of something vaguely psychedelic (that’s now officially a scent), a good trip-host also provides plenty of nooks and crannies for your guests to retire to. There, they can quietly contemplate the vastness of the universe encapsulated in a grain of sand, the reason flamingos stand on one leg  or wonder if a Boeing 737 was given that number in order to convey a reassuring sense of symmetric stability. These little rooms should be a little less prone to stimuli and allow guests to get away from the crowd and just appreciate the feeling of being alone. An extra nice touch would be to have the opportunity to select a different kind of music than the one playing in the main room.

Board games and magic truffles - a match made in heaven?

Some of your guests would be hard-pressed to keep track of the rules of a complicated board game, what with all the associative thinking going on. Psychedelic pictionary is fun for a while but at some point the inevitable disconnect with other players will become a drag. Tripping on truffles allows for a very interesting spin on the classic game “Who is it?”. Instead of giving clues about physical attributes you come up with information about one of the character’s imagined personality (“this guy will probably have a hard time resisting a selfie where he is holding the Tower of Pisa with one hand”). Play in two teams and be amazed how the unruly power of associative thinking might be harnessed when a common goal is at stake.

Outdoor activities to enjoy with magic truffles

Spend a magical time in a park

A picnic in the park is just fun without end. Not only will you have ample opportunity to discover that petanque is actually a riveting game and that the grass really is greener on the other side, the fresh air will feel particularly fresh when you’re tripping. It’s also a hoot to observe other people lounging about, children playing and to imagine what it must be like to be a dog catching a frisbee. Bring healthy and sugary snacks and plenty of tea to drink. The only downside could be that you’ll have to ask to go to the toilet in nearby restaurant or bar which also means triggering the eternal question: “Did they notice I was tripping?”.

Going for a trippy nature walk

A dramatic forest with old, shapely trees, a colourful canopy, fallen trunks covered with moss and fungi, funky looking insects...The sight, touch and smell of wild and psychedelic nature is a perfect fit for a magic truffles trip. This is an especially nice thing to do when it hasn’t rained for a few days so you can stumble on a beautiful clearing and lie about in the grass, look up at the sky and only briefly interrupt the sounds of the forest to emphatically state that a cloud really does look like a cathedral with wings.

Take some magic truffles and notice your city for the very first time.

Going for a stroll in the city on a sunny day is a perfect little group outing for when everybody’s trip has peaked and feels comfortable to get the old legs moving again. A trip on magic truffles will make you feel like you’re visiting a city for the very first time. Buildings will feel familiar but the overall experience will be that of a new city that elicits a whole new bag of emotions and creative mental associations. You probably know what it’s like showing a friend from out of town around and as a consequence experiencing your own city anew? Now imagine this feeling combined with a psychedelic trip shared with a group of friends and you know you’ll be in for a treat.

Getting your magic truffles at Azarius

Get your psilocybin truffles at Azarius as the truffles we carry for Magic Truffles have shown consistent quality and potency over the years. On our product pages and encyclopedia pages you can read all about the differences in potency and effects between the different types of truffles. If you’re interested in taking your hobby one step further you can easily start growing your own mushrooms by using our grow kits. Got any other questions? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to provide you with further tips on how to share psilocybin truffles with your friends.

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