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Kanna and CBD combined: twice as nice


By Sara de Waal

Kanna has been totally hip and happening in recent years. Not surprising, given the special properties of this plant material from the South African Sceletium Tortuosum. Ever since prehistory, the hunter-gatherers in that area seem to be relishing themselves on these succulents. By drying the leaves and then chewing, snorting or smoking it, tribal members got in a better mood and got rid of the stress of all that hunting and gathering. Of course, this relaxing effect is precisely the main reason why kanna is still used today. Another substance that is used to relieve tension and pain is CBD. CBD containing products have become enormously popular among a large group of people because of their effectiveness and accessibility. So if you’re looking for something soothing and calming, you have at least these two chillaxing remedies to choose from. But if you’re a little adventurous, you may wonder what happens if you refuse to choose and just take them both… Well, we can tell you: something nice happens. Read and discover!  

Natural mood enhancers

First let's see what kanna and CBD exactly do to you separately. Kanna -in a mild dose- has a soothing effect, without making you fuzzy or dazed. You feel more energetic and clear, yet relaxed. What’s special is that kanna has a few effects that are comparable to the effects of some pharmaceutical antidepressants: it fights stress, anxiety and depression. CBD counteracts these psychological complaints too, and creates a sense of calmness. CBD is found in cannabis, so naturally you can consume this substance by smoking a sturdy spliff. However, then of course you also inhale the stuff that gets you high: THC. If you solely want the effect of the CBD, because of its soothing or analgesic effect, then it’s better to opt for a special CBD-product, such as oil or tea.

Combination of the two

But how do this substances go together? Isn’t true that it’s better not to combine certain drugs? Well, combined use of kanna with other drugs that affect the neurotransmitters, such as MDMA / XTC, is strongly discouraged by addiction experts. Experts also discourage combination use of kanna with cannabis, because of the strengthening effect of kanna. It’s true that CBD is found in cannabis, but acts different than the complete substance because it has no psychoactive effect. This means that there’s no chemical reaction with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain (as with THC) so there’s no chance of getting all spacy (as with THC). If enhancing your THC-high is what you want, tread carefully! But if you’re looking to relax without getting high, you're safe with a combination of kanna and a pure CBD extract. By using it at the same time you enhance the best effects of both: you feel extra relaxed, energetic and positive. What’s not to like?

What to pay attention to?

As with all things, it’s good not to exaggerate in terms of dosage. Start with a bit of each, and slowly build up the dose if you don’t feel enough effect. You have to give your body the chance to get used to both kanna and CBD. Sometimes it takes some time before changes occur, so take it slow. Side effects are rare, but using too much kanna can have an anesthetic, visual or dissociative effect, reduce appetite and increase blood pressure. Due to the increased blood pressure you can also get a bit sick or get a headache. Some users also suffer from sleepiness or insomnia. It’s therefore better not to use kanna before going to sleep, or before you drive or do something else risky. CBD hardly has any side effects. Occasionally users report an upset stomach, dizziness or headache and a dry mouth, when taking a high dose. Do you suffer from one of these things? Just lower your dose and take it from there.

Depressed? Talk to your doctor first

As mentioned, kanna has properties that correspond to regular antidepressants. This has mainly to do with regulating the amount of serotonin and monoamine in the brain. The levels of these substances are linked to mental complaints such as depression and anxiety. By inhibiting the re-uptake of serotonin and stimulating the release of monoamine, these symptoms can decrease. The effect on this serotonin level is exactly the reason why it’s not recommended to use kanna if you already use antidepressants: that could disrupt your chemical household. Also, never promptly switch from your regular medication to kanna, but always talk to your doctor first.

Kanna and CBD products

Okay, now that you’re well prepared it’s a good time to get acquainted with our wonderful range of kanna and CBD products. No matter how you want to take the happy herb that is kanna: we got it all. Do you want to snort it, smoke it, drink it, swallow it or vape it? Everything is possible. We also have CBD in all forms. CBD oil is an easy an often used option, check our Buyer's guide on choosing CBD oil here, but vaping CBD e-liquid is very popular too. We also have a few special products, such as CBD solid - a type of THC-free hash. 

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