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How to choose a magic mushroom grow kit


By Sara de Waal

The psilocybe containing mushroom, or the ‘paddo’ as we say in Holland, is a popular way to get a psychedelic high in a natural way. Unfortunately, magic mushrooms are not legal to sell in many countries, not even in Holland since December 2008. Fortunately, you can grow your own magic mushrooms. Azarius makes it easy for you by offering different ready-to-use grow kits, so that after a few weeks you can take a dive into a world of magic by consuming your own homegrown mushrooms.

How do I choose a magic mushroom grow kit?

But, how do you determine which type of mushroom and which grow kit is suitable for you? We made a list of things you can pay attention to so that you’re able to see the forest through the mushrooms.

What’s the origin of the different magic mushroom strains?

The first thing you can look out for is the origin of the mushroom. Not all species are of known origin,  but most of them are. For example, there are species from the rainforest of the Amazon, from Mexico and from Hawaii. These species are all for sale as spore syringes. Even if you opt for a complete grow kit including a spore syringe, you can choose from strains of various origins. For example, there’s the Psilocybe Cubensis Cambodian, which originated in Southeast Asia. This species is very popular because the mushroom grows mycelium (the fungal threads of the mushroom) very fast, can grow on different types of material and produces large mushrooms. Other species that are included in a complete grow kit include, for example, mushrooms from Ecuador and rare mushrooms from Thailand, the Koh Samui.

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What kind of magic mushroom grower are you?

Choose the type of grow kit that fits your needs and knowledge. Are you a beginning grower? Then it is nice to choose an easy, forgiving strain. The Psilocybe Cubensis Ecuador is such a magic mushroom. The mushrooms Koh Samui and B + are also easy to grow. Especially B + grows quickly, easily, and on different soils. You don’t make mistakes easily, especially when you use our 'easy' magic mushroom grow kit. With this set, you only need to water once, because the filter bag keeps the air humidity in perfect balance. Nice! Furthermore, the set contains everything you need.

What’s that? You can’t wait to get tripping and want to produce magic mushrooms very quickly? Then choose the 'ready to grow' grow kit. This grow kit already contains mycelium, so you can harvest your first mushrooms after just three weeks. Do you like to experiment with breeding techniques and do you want to have more control over your psychedelic children? Then the 'basic' grow kit is for you, including an illustrated manual that will make you a real mushroom expert.

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What kind of mushroom trip do you want?

Last but certainly not least, deciding what kind of trip you want is, of course, important when choosing a magic mushroom and a grow kit. Are you a beginner and do you want as few risks as possible? Do you find it especially important that your psychedelic journey is inspiring? Or is your main focus the quantity of mushrooms, for example, because you have a high tolerance, want to share with your friends, or take trips regularly?

What’s good to realize is that the active ingredient in every magic mushroom is the same: psilocybin. Nonetheless, some people notice differences in the effect of the different strains of mushrooms, probably because the exact total chemical composition is different for each strain. For example, the Golden Teacher is a good magic mushroom for beginners, because the chance of a bad trip seems to be smaller. Another advantage is that this mushroom got its name with a reason: users experience profound trips that lead to new insights. Many other species such as the Cambodian magic mushroom or B + usually also provide an accessible trip.

The most important thing for the strength of the trip is always the dose: for a beginner, it is good to stick to 5 to 10 grams of fresh mushrooms. For some this will be a light trip, for others already pretty intense. It varies per mushroom and per person, so always be careful. If you find that you can have a little bit more of it, then you can go for 10 to 20 grams the next time. Are you really a seasoned psychonaut, you can possibly build up to 30 grams. For these users, our magic mushroom grow kit 'master' is very suitable. With this set, you can grow no less than a kilo of magic mushrooms! Note: the spore syringe must be ordered separately with this set. We have various types of spore syringes. Do you find it difficult to choose? Then just go for five different types with this set of spore syringes.

We hope you’re able to make a choice with this information! If you have questions: please ask them. We wish you happy tripping.

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