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4 tips for your best Amsterdam Dance Event ever


From October 17th to October 21st, the whole city of Amsterdam will turn into one massive dance floor. Bigger and smaller venues will host awesome dance parties in every shade of your favourite music genre. There will not just be dancing going on, though, but also movie screenings, lectures and workshops. For the whole programme, check out the website of ADE.

amsterdam dance event bij azarius met feestverlichting

We listed 4 tips for anyone who wants to make the most out of their ADE experience.

1. Use a natural energizer

To get you through these five days of madness, you might need some party fuel. Instead of synthetic substances, though, you could also try one of our super potent natural energizers. Raw power guaranteed! Oh, and no Tuesday blues.

party energizer natuurlijk pillen

Here are some of our favourites:

Gold Rush - The combination of Kanna and caffeine makes for a euphoric, energetic effect. You can sniff it for an instant effect, or put some in your mouth and feel a nice rush wash over you within an hour.

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Party-E - From all the products that we sell, this one reportedly emulates the effects of ecstasy the best. This formula gives a perfectly balanced combination of pure energy and blissful euphoria.
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MDNX - Dancing until the sun comes up is not a problem with this Guarana based energizer. 

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Kanna UC2
- Best used in combination with food, this energizer will rock your socks off. It comes up slow, but lasts long. 

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2. Don’t combine substances

We don’t want to kill all your fun, but we do want to warn you. You were probably not going to, but we do want to stress that these formulas should in no way be combined with other substances (and yes, that includes higher amounts of alcohol), especially with MDMA. It's going to be uncomfortable and no fun at all in the best case scenario. In the worst case scenario, it could even be dangerous. 

3. Test your drugs

If natural energizers are not your cup of tea, or you're simply not in the mood; no judgement on that. However, please promise us that you will use synthetics in a responsible way. One way to do that is by testing your drugs. You can use one of our test kits for this. They're cheap, easy to use and essential for a safe experience. Oh, and avoid street dealers. But you probably knew that. Party safe, kids!

party energizer natuurlijk pillen

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4. Pop by at our store!

Did you know that we also have an actual store in the city centre? It's a super nice place with awesome, friendly people and all the natural party supplies you need. Come visit us at Kerkstraat 119, Amsterdam.

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Peace, love and a happy ADE!

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