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Trip Guide: Vaporizing blue lotus


Written by André

You might have seen the mystic lotus flower (Nelumbium speciosum) in Buddhist iconography. But did you know that a water lily called the blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulaea) was equally important in ancient Egypt?

Many spiritual meanings have been attributed to blue lotus. This flower was found in king Tut’s grave and was widely used in Egypt. The priests and the working class used it for recreational and spiritual effects. In ancient Egypt, they often made a blue lotus concoction out of blue lotus and wine.

Nowadays, you can also vape this magical herb in a modern vaporizer. Using such a device, a smaller amount is needed than for a tea or concoction. But before you pack the next vape you can find with this exotic herb, you need to know several things: possible effects, vaporizing temperature, preparation and suitable vaporizers.

Effects of blue lotus

Users describe the effects of blue lotus as dreamlike, euphoric and relaxing. Some say it invokes feelings of empathy and a drive to interact socially. Psychedelic effects can occur in higher dosages. If too much is ingested, nausea and drowsiness can be side effects. Other often reported effects are increased sexual stamina and pleasure.

Not everyone feels all effects because blue lotus can be very subtle when compared to other substances such as THC or even caffeine.

The blue lotus trip

Blue lotus is not a typical psychedelic. Most psychedelics are quite stimulating, whereas blue lotus is relaxing and acts on dopamine receptors rather than serotonin receptors.

Because blue lily is relaxing, stimulants such as coffee or even sugar might cancel out the effects of blue lotus. Therefore, it’s wise to abstain from other substances to experience blue lotus effects before thinking of combining blue lotus with other drugs.

As psychedelics are nonspecific amplifiers, the effects depend on the mindset of the user, amount ingested and the trip environment. You can prepare a mindful blue lotus trip by being in a safe, relaxed and tidy environment. Having a sober friend nearby is also recommended. This person can help you to stay calm, if the effects induce temporary disorientation.

Warning: Blue lotus can induce tolerance and psychological habituation. Blue lotus contains actives that work as dopamine agonists such as aporphine and nuciferine. Thus, it is wise to start with a small dose (less than 0,1 grams) and not to use it more than once or twice a month to prevent this habituation and tolerance.

The effects of blue lotus can be increased and extended by vaporizing more once the main effects wear off. Effects of vaporizing blue lotus last from 15 minutes to 4 hours, depending on how much one vaporizes.

Vaporizing temperature of blue lotus

The vaping temperature of blue lotus lies between 100 and 125 degrees Celsius. Most commercial vaporizers can fit roughly 0.3 grams.

Vaporizable blue lotus products

Blue lotus flowers and blue lotus extract are the vaporizable products for sale at Azarius. Properly grind the blue lotus flowers for maximum surface area. Pack the vaporizer chamber loosely to ensure a perfect airflow. The blue lotus extract is available in 20x and 50x strength. Logically it’s quite potent and requires less material than blue lotus flowers. Make sure to use a container (such as a concentrate pad) which protects this powder from melting into the vaporizer.

The blue lotus products for sublingual and oral use are the resin and tincture. The solid structure of the resin means it is inconvenient to measure it precisely for vaping. The tincture contains alcohol and therefore should not be vaporized.

Photo by Esmazing

Choosing a suitable vaporizer

Blue lotus has a low vape temperature. Most vaporizers are designed to only vape herbs with a high vape temperature such as, you guessed it right, cannabis. Therefore, you need a vaporizer that you can operate at 100 to 125 degrees Celsius.

For the most convenient experience, use a vaporizer with a digital temperature control. Vaporizers such as the Boundless CFX, or Mighty are suitable for vaping blue lotus.

For budget-conscious users, vapes like the Vapor Genie or the Magic Flight Launch Box will get the job done. These vapes are a bit tricky to use though, because the temperature is controlled manually and fluctuates during use.

After reading this article, you know the basics of how to explore blue lotus with the modern devices that are vaporizers.Thanks for reading and have an inspired day!

What are your experiences with vaporizing blue lotus? Let us know in the comments.

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