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Product review: Jetpackkratom - Exosphere


Content: 25 capsules containing 60 mg of Mitragynine (equivalent to 5 grams of powdered Maeng Da Kratom leaf).

What Kratom is all about

In case you´re unfamiliar with Kratom, let’s start with a brief overview. Native to Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, Malaysia and Bali, Indonesia, Kratom comes from the leaves of the tropical Mitragyna Speciosa tree, and is thought to have been used for centuries both medicinally and recreationally.

The main psychoactive compounds in Kratom are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which mainly interact with opiate receptors in the brain. This means that the effects of Kratom are somewhat opiate-like, such as increased pleasure, sedation, and decreased pain. Unlike most opiates however, the use of Kratom carries significantly less risk. This is partly why it has become so popular in the Global North over the past few years, as a safer alternative to potentially more addictive prescription painkillers. But that´s enough overview for now - if you´re looking for more information, check out our encyclopedia article on Kratom and "The Essential Guide to Kratom" by The Third Wave with many references to research literature.

My jetpackKratom experience

For newcomers, Kratom Malaysia, Borneo red (Sacred Plants), Maeng Da, or Borneo white, are probably more suitable to start with than the product I will be describing in this post, which because of the strength is suited for more experienced users.

Prior to trying Jetpackkratom, I had tried a variety of Kratom strains, mostly in the powered form as a tea. Despite being quite tolerant when it comes to bitter tasting herbs, I really struggled with the taste, and couldn’t seem to find a desired dose range. Too low and the experience was stimulating but uncomfortable and edgy, too high and I would be very sleepy and lethargic. So when I had the chance to try out the Jetpackkratom exosphere, with precise doses of 60mg in capsule form, I was eager to see how this might give me a fuller experience and perspective on Kratom. But nevertheless I was slightly apprehensive about what a strong Kratom dose is, having heard many conflicting reports – will it be heavily sedating or gently stimulating?

Surprisingly it was the latter. I chose to try out Jetpackkratom in Portugal, a country laudable for its sensible and progressive drug policies. I was here to volunteer for the harm reduction services at Boom festival, work that I do at least once every summer. After a night shift, I tried one capsule. Though I was very tired from lack of sleep, with the Kratom tiredness became less of an issue, and I could enjoy the day without needing to sleep. I felt very relaxed and clear, content to spend the day chilling and swimming in the lake. Another appealing aspect of the Jetpackkratom is how subtle it is – there is not the uncomfortable edginess I found with other strains and lower doses, and yet the effects are consistent, sustained and prolonged, lasting for around 8 hours. This might seem counterintuitive – surely a higher dose would bring a more unsettled feeling? But it seems the higher dose gives a more full and effective Kratom experience, which means greater access to the benefits of the plant.

Kratom x psychedelics

Though I am always curious about new herbs and plants to try out, what interests me more is combinations, finding how certain herbs and plants compliment or don’t complement each other. After my initial experience and reading a few trip reports on reddit, I decided to try the Jetpackkratom with a low to mid-range dose of a psychedelic. What I found was that the Kratom lowered the anxiety I usually have with psychedelics, and contributed to a very relaxing, present trip. The Kratom didn’t so much weaken the psychedelic effects, but rather brought more ease and comfort to the body.

This is another way of using Kratom that might appeal to more experienced psychonauts who might have previously ignored or dismissed Kratom. I do not recommend this to anyone, and certainly DO NOT combine Kratom with any MAO inhibitor such as Banisteriopsis Caapi or Syrian Rue, as this can be dangerous. 

So here is brief review of my experience with this product – a highly recommended variety of this wonderful plant.

I have tried the Kratom Exosphere 60 mg extract capsules but we also sell the Kratom Exosphere liquid extract and the Kratom Exosphere Gold 80 mg extract capsules, all by Jetpackkratom. 

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