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5 Reasons to visit the Azarius store on your next trip to Amsterdam


Considering the fact that you’re reading a blog post on our website, we think you probably figured that Azarius is an online smartshop. But did you know that we also have an actual store in Amsterdam? And did you know it happens to be one of the most awesome places in the city? Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely come pay us a visit on your next trip to the city of canals!

1. Our staff is, like, really cool

Ever met a vape geek, a herb designer, a city witch or an expert on natural psychedelics? You will if you visit our store. The Azarius staff is super enthusiastic, fun, helpful and passionate about the products we sell.

The Azarius store is a happy, pretty, welcoming place to visit on your Amsterdam adventure. Our store is full of colours, beautiful art and quirky little corners. There is so much to discover!

2. We have a super fancy vape lab

Do you have your eyes set on a new water-cooled smart dab rig with temperature regulation?  Do you want to start vaping, even though you’re a bit clueless about the fantastically geeky world of vaporizers? Or do you just want to learn more about vaporizing? The Azarius store has got you covered. We offer a wide range of high-quality vaporizers, ranging from low priced beginner vapes to the newest, coolest, fanciest models.

Our staff can give you personal advice about what vaporizer works best for you. But it gets even better. You can actually try your vaporizer before buying it! Our beautifully designed vape lab is the place where many people have fallen in love with their new vaporizer. Oh, and we’re the only place in Amsterdam that offers this service, so come and check it out!

3. We’re experts

Don’t want to brag, but our staff knows a lot about vaporizers, truffles, cannabis seeds, herbal extracts and all the other awesome products we offer. We regularly attend workshops and info nights, to make sure we can provide you with all the information you need to have a safe and fun experience.

4. It’s close to the party!

Although Azarius is not the first smartshop you run into as soon as you leave Amsterdam central station, we are located in one of the coolest areas in Amsterdam; at walking distance from the train station (with many nice coffeeshops on your way), close to the magnificent Leidseplein and with cool art galleries, tattoo shops, music venues and cute cafes close by.

Are you attending to the Gay Pride this summer? You barely have to get out of your boat to come to us and stock up some Gold Rush or Party-E, as we’re super close to the Canal Pride route, and to the numerous awesome street parties in the city centre. We are totally looking forward to celebrating Gay Pride with you!

5. It’s like meeting our webshop in real life

In our store, we sell the most popular products from our webshop – obviously for the same price. However, in our store, you can actually take a look at it and ask all the questions you want to ask.  And, of course, you don’t have to wait until the package finally arrives at your doorstep – you can just pop by the store, and get your Amsterdam adventure started straight away!

So, if you’re in Amsterdam, and if you’re in for some magic truffles, cannabis seeds, trippy herbal extracts, kanna, kratom, cbd products, fun party toys or your new favourite vaporizer: come and pay us a visit at Kerkstraat 119.

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Author: Sterre Marrée

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