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Origin of Blueberry cannabis strain


The cannabis strain Blueberry is an absolute classic. If I were stranded on a tropical island and was only allowed one packet of regular seeds (seeds with a 50% chance of either being male or female) I would choose a packet of Blueberry.

There are several reasons why I would choose Blueberry over all the other magnificent strains available to take to my island. First of all, it is a beautiful plant to grow and can display wonderful hues of exquisite colours. It’s not all about looks though.

A beautiful cannabis bud. Photo credit: @easyorganicweed

Once harvested, dried and cured you are rewarded with a potent strain offering marvellous medicinal qualities. The crowdsourced effects on Leafly describe it is a mainly relaxed and happy high that can help with stress and pain. I’ve used it in the past to cope with pain I was suffering from a slipped disk in my lower back. It offered me some pain free relief and granted me increased mobility.

Mentally, it is also therapeutic, thanks to the high THC (+/-20%) content. Despite being high in THC I personally find it a more comfortable high than some of the other potent THC strains out there.

One must not forget the taste. You can most probably guess from the name what Blueberry tastes like. When vaped it has a gorgeous sweet berry flavour that sits on the top of your palate as the wonderful high starts to soar.

Blueberry keeps on giving

Great looks, effects and taste are reason enough to choose a strain, but Blueberry offers more! The flowers have a longer than average shelf life and if stored correctly - in an opaque glass jar in a cool place - Blueberry can even improve with age, like a fine wine.

Finally - and this is the main reason I would bring it to my island with me - it gets you consistently high time after time. For some strains, after a few samples they can have less of an effect, as if your body is getting used to it. That isn’t the case with Blueberry strains, which keep surprising you with a powerful spiritual experience each and every time.

Blueberry origins

Blueberry has its origins back in the 70s on the West coast of the US. Breeder DJ Short was searching for the one in a hundred plant that produced great effects from combinations of his favourite strains. Being a talented breeder he was able to take his one in a hundred plant and stabilize until it offered consistent results in seed form.

Blueberry is the fruit of one of these experiments. 80% indica and 20% sativa, Blueberry has genetics that come from - well I’ll let you read it in DJ Short’s own words.

“They were the Highland Thai (also called Juicy Fruit Thai, a first-generation Thai seed grown in the Pacific Northwest); a cross called Purple Thai which was a first generation land-race Chocolate Thai crossed once with a first generation land-race Highland Oaxaca Gold; and an Afghani Indica which came to me one generation removed from Afghanistan via the California/Southern Oregon growing community.”

DJ Short goes into a lot more details on the genetics on this blog piece from 1999 on Cannabis Culture.

With seeds in hand, DJ Short travelled to Europe in the 90s where he collaborated with Sagarmatha seedbank, Dutch Passion (both in the Netherlands) and Spice of Life Seeds (Switzerland). Before heading to Canada where he founded Old World Genetics for which he still consults today.

For more insight into the mind of this talented breeder I highly recommend you check out DJ Short’s very readable book - Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis.

Grow your own Blues

Naturally - being an essential classic - Azarius stocks Blueberry seeds. As you’ll see there are also many strains derived from Blueberry. Here’s a few choice strains you might want to try out.:

By Bill Griffin, author of Easy Organic Weed. Follow Bill on Twitter and Instagram.

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