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Four awesome DIY blends for your vaporizer


We all know that vaporizers aren't just for vaping weed. Some of you might have experimented with throwing the occasional lavender or mint in. Sure, this can be fun sometimes, but at some point it can get a bit boring, right? We do, however, have some good news for anyone who wants to experiment with vaporizing herbs.

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Passionately assembled by our resident herb designer, the blends featured in this article taste and smell amazing. They also make for awesome effects you might not ever have experienced before. Ready to put your kitchen witch hat on?

The ultimate vaporizer blend

This blend is extremely tasty and super aromatic. It has a relaxing effect, but it definitely won't leave you couch-locked for the rest of the day. Oh, and did we mention the massive clouds of vapour you get from it?

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The base for this blend is Damiana. Why? Because we love Damiana for its wonderful taste and its relaxing, uplifting effect. Make sure you finely shred it with a grinder (this goes for all the herbs, by the way), and put the ground herb in a jar. Add some shredded Lavender, Peppermint (for a super refreshing taste and a positive effect on your airways) and Chamomile (for ultimate relaxation). To top it off, add some CBD e-liquid to the mix. This will add to the relaxing effect – but above all, it will make for insanely thick clouds. Close the jar and mix all the ingredients by shaking thoroughly. Vape at 170-190 degrees, and enjoy!

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A dreamy flower blend

Are you in for a slightly mystical experience? Then try this beautiful flowery blend.


In ancient Egypt, Blue Lotus was considered sacred. Using this beautiful, deep blue flower gives a subtle, yet sedated and euphoric effect. White Lily and Pink Lotus have very similar effects, creating a blend that’s beautiful to look at and delicious to vaporize. The synergy of these three flowers creates a super floaty, dreamy state of mind. It’s also good to mention that these flowers can enhance sexual arousal.  

Vaporize at 130 degrees. We recommend using a desktop vaporizer, like the Extreme Q, the V tower or De Verdamper. This makes for bigger clouds of vapour and a stronger effect. Make sure not to pack the bowl too tight!

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A weed-like blend that’s almost like the real thing

Of course, not everyone has the luxury to just pop some weed into their vaporizer and vape away. However, in most countries where cannabis is illegal, the two ingredients of this blend aren’t. Want to have a weed-like experience without vaping weed? Try this blend!


Mix these two shredded herbs, and vaporize at 150-175 degrees. Marihuanilla (literally ‘little marihuana’ in Spanish) has subtle, cannabis-like (cannab-ish?) effects. Wild Dagga has a similar, albeit more subtle effect. It is, however, known as a herb catalyst; it enhances the effects of other herbs, such as Marihuanilla. The combination of these two herbs might not really taste like weed, but it can definitely get you considerably stoned.

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A powerful weight-loss blend

Want to get rid of some pounds? Try vaping this uplifting, super tasty blend. It will give you an energy (and frankly, workout-motivation) boost while stimulating your metabolism and reducing food cravings.


Just mix the shredded herbs and pop some in your vaporizer. Vaporize at 150-160 degrees. Regularly vaping this will help you lose weight, although drinking tea from the same herbs has a similar effect. Of course, we should warn you that sitting on your ass and vaping this blend is not going to make you lose any weight. It can, however, give an extra weight-loss boost when you eat healthily and exercise regularly.

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By Dawid Dobosz & Sterre Marrée

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