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4 Smartphone apps to ease a stoner’s life


How do you know marijuana’s gone mainstream? Well, a fellow stoner once replied to a problem I had with a simple “there’s an app for that”. From a Trump Block app to swiping for love on Tinder, we now have apps accommodating the needs of us high in the sky. That’s right, cannabis is having its ‘smartphone moment’.

Let’s get straight into it and check these four apps out, making our lives as recreational or medical stoners a little more interesting and definitely much easier!

1. WeedMaps: Marijuana & Cannabis

Want your coffeeshops all in one map? Well, as the name suggests that’s exactly what WeedMaps gives you: an online marijuana directory. If you live in a weed-legal city and don’t want to go through any shadiness to get the green, then this app’s for you! With it you can find and choose your favourite coffeeshops, see what strains and specific products they sell, and also get a head’s up on any offers or sweet deals they might have.

How it works is fairly simple. When opening the app, you’ll be asked to share your location. You’ll then be redirected to a Google Maps view of coffeeshops near you, where you can specify your search by location, brand, or product. Although a majority of what’s shown in the Netherlands are coffeeshops, you’ll find a more comprehensive map in North America, offering locations on dispensaries, doctors, and delivery services as well.

2. PAX Mobile

Thanks to their sleek design and modernity, PAX Labs’ vaporizers are known as the ‘iPhones of vaporizers’. We kid you not, they’re even available in rose gold. But before getting all excited, these tech-forward babies might set you back a couple hundred. Being a dual-use vaporizer, the PAX 3 can burn both loose leaf and extract, making it an impressive accessory for the elite stoner.

Once you have a PAX at hand (lucky you!), you can be in complete control over it through PAX’ smartphone app. Through its settings you can check the battery level, view and change the temperature of your PAX, and also select a heating profile or mode to better suit the occasion.

All you have to do is enable your phone’s Bluetooth and when the app prompts you, shake it to activate! Once it’s paired, you can modify the settings to vape your THC goodness however you please.

3. WeGrow: A Bot for Home Growers

First-time growers and potheads interested in giving their green thumb a go should definitely download WeGrow. It’s the perfect app that will virtually coach you through cannabis growing in five essential measurements: light, carbon dioxide (CO2), nutrients, water, and temperature.

Using chatbot technology, you’ll be introduced to a friendly GrowBotTM (and conversational wizard) named Elle. She’ll ask you a bunch of questions about your setup but all in all, she’s there to help you legally grow cannabis crops. Not only does WeGrow aid in every step of the growing process, the app can also optimize the five essential ingredients specific to the strain of your choosing. Where else can you get this kind of coaching, available at all times, for free?

Though if you are a little more old-fashioned and prefer a guidebook in your hands, go back to basics with Marijuana Grow Basics. A practical, and informative guide with more than 150 affordable marijuana growing setups. Just saying!

4. High There!

This list wouldn’t be complete without an app that leads you to like-minded individuals - aka baking buddies you could spark one up with. High There! describes the app itself as “a social network that promotes uniting cannabis users and enthusiasts with each other in a friendly and judgment-free environment”. I like to think of it as the Tinder for potheads. There might not be any swiping involved, but a tap is really just the same.

Though it’s most popular in the United States, this location-based app could still direct you to 420 friendlies in Europe. Even better? They match you with stoners who mirror your kind of high! Indica-lovers are classified as low energy, whilst Sativa-lovers are high energy. Enjoy both? You’re put in the medium energy category and it’s all mix-and-matched through these kind of descriptors. Are you on the app to chat, stay in, or go out? Do you smoke it or vape it? Looking for someone to munch with or run around in parks together? Set it up yourself and who knows who you’ll meet!

There are currently over thousands of marijuana-related apps (and games!) available for smartphone or tablet use. But whether its to buy, vape, grow, or connect, these four apps can soothe the little inconveniences we go through as stoners on a daily basis. Thanks for reading folks, now go enjoy the day!

Author: Sada Piqolette


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