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How to ditch your THC anxiety with CBD


Practically everyone who ever smoked weed will probably at some point in their life have encountered THC anxiety, or “The Fear”. This often results in situations like being nailed to the couch and staring at your ceiling that seems to be closing in on you.

Fortunately, nature offers an awesome and super effective remedy for this, called CBD. Let’s first take a look at how this wonderful cannabinoid works.

How does CBD relieve THC anxiety?

THC and CBD are two out of many cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. THC is the cannabinoid that (among others) provides the high, while CBD makes for the relaxing, pain-numbing effect of the plant.

However, THC can have some pretty unpredictable effects on the brain. Based on many different factors, such as the setting, your state of mind, your brain chemistry, your tolerance, the quality of your herb and the ratio of other cannabinoids in the weed, it mostly gives you a high, happy and giggly feeling. However, under the wrong conditions, it can make a user feel really anxious and induce a feeling of paranoia.

CBD has some awesome qualities - it can relieve pain, it can calm you down and it can temper the possible negative effects of THC. So here’s how to kill your THC anxiety by adding some CBD to the mix.

Scenario 1: you green out after (accidentally) vaping too much

Everyone who has tried vaporizing knows that vaping your herb has a completely different effect from smoking it. This might be confusing at the beginning. You think you don’t feel anything because you don’t get this heavy stoned feeling, and next thing you know you’re greening out on the couch, being way, way, waaaaay too high.

Solution: CBDoobie. Just throw some of this CBD-packed cannabis in your vaporizer and vape away. It will diminish your anxiety in a matter of minutes.

Scenario 2:  your space cake was one unpredictable fucker

Most people are aware of the space cake 101 rule: always wait for 1.5 hours until you take your next piece of cake – even if you don’t feel anything at all. But waiting really sucks, especially if you are waiting for it to work while all your friends are already stoned off their faces. So that extra piece of space cake looks very, very tempting.

Or maybe the cake was made by someone who didn’t distribute the herb evenly enough, turning your space cake session in some sort of weird Russian roulette game where one piece of cake does nothing while the other one will make you skyrocket into space.

Either way, it will result in you suddenly tripping balls. And sometimes that can be totally unexpected and really scary.

Solution: CBCrystals. This dire situation requires a super intense CBD bomb. Just melt some of these crystals in your mouth, or dissolve them in your tea, and we’re sure you’ll be fit as a fiddle in no-time.

Scenario 3: you smoked some heavy skunk and now the walls are closing in on you

In the Netherlands, we have the pleasure of just being able to cycle to the coffee shop whenever we want and buy some blazingly strong weed. However, the THC levels of many Dutch strains are completely through the roof, with hardly any CBD to balance it out.

So the situation is, you either didn’t know this, or you’ve underestimated the power of the Nederwiet (nothing on you by the way – it’s not like many coffeeshops mention the THC content of their weed). And you now have to deal with the consequences.

Solution: CBD e-liquid is an instant solution. Put some in your e-cigarette, take a couple of hits and feel the anxiety melt away like snow in the sun.

Do you not own an e-cigarette? Don’t worry -rolling a nice fat joint with some sticky CBD hash will work just as well.

Your THC anxiety is temporary

If you’re really having a bad one, there are more things you can do. You can read about that in this blog post. Lastly, know that your THC anxiety is only temporary. Within a matter of hours, this weird ride will be over. You got this!

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Author: Sterre Marrée

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