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Kratom varieties: A connoisseur’s guide


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is one of the most popular herbs for sale at Azarius. The modern kratom connoisseur knows that there are different varieties of this magical herb.

You might wonder what the differences between the varieties are. At first, it can seem confusing, that these varieties are named after cities and colours. But fear not, after reading this article, you will be a kratom connoisseur too.

In general, kratom is a South-East Asian tree which people harvest for hundreds of years. The leaves of this mystical tree are native to Thailand and the main product. There and in Malaysia, manual labourers use this herb to work longer and harder. They use kratom because of its stimulating and relaxing effects. This practice dates back several centuries.

in the 1800’s, Europeans discovered the effects of kratom as well, thanks to Pieter Wilhelm Korthals.

Kratom leaf varieties are named after cities or their vein colour

Kratom varieties from different cities have different effects, hence they are named after their place of origin. In addition, some strains are named after their vein colour. There are red, green and white vein varieties.

Generally, red vein varieties are more sedative and white vein varieties are more stimulating than green vein varieties. Nevertheless, the effects of kratom depend on the dose (more on that later).

Bali, Malaysia and Red vein varieties: sedating and daydream inducing

The red vein varieties, such as Borneo Red, are better at inducing vivid daydreams in moderate doses (around 5 grams), than green or white vein varieties. Users describe them as more euphoric and sedative in general. A red vein strain (rhyme intended) can lend itself for meditating on the couch and contemplating life and the universe, while experiencing fleeting daydreams. Bali and Malaysian kratom are similar to red vein varieties.

Green vein varieties: equal sedation and stimulation

Green vein varieties, such Borneo Green, offer relaxation and sedation in moderate doses. These varieties lie somewhere in between the red and white vein varieties. They usually invoke a balanced mix between stimulation and relaxation.

White vein varieties and Thai kratom: stimulating and less euphoric

White vein varieties, such as Borneo White, are usually more stimulating and less euphoric than green or red vein varieties. Even at moderate doses this variety is less sedating than green or red varieties. Thai kratom is the longest lasting and most stimulating variety of kratom.

This variety can be used for activities like hikes in nature or creative passions such as painting and writing.

Maeng Da kratom

Maeng Da kratom translates to pimp grade kratom and is the strongest (Thai) kratom variety. 1 to 2 grams taken orally, can be equal to 3 to 5 grams of other varieties. Thus, less from this strain is needed to have a similarly strong experience. It deserves its own category because of the more euphoric but shorter effects.

Extracts such as resins and tinctures

Azarius also offers extracts, which can be more convenient to use than powdered leaves. You need to eat only little plant matter for a moderate to strong effect. Additionally, you can vape some extracts like the Ethno Vape Extract and Bali Extract 50x in an electronic cigarette or vaporizer.

As previously mentioned, the range of effects depends on how much you consume.

Effects of kratom

In lower doses, kratom is more of a stimulant and euphoriant but in higher doses, it acts more as a sedative, while still being euphoric.

This has to do with the different receptors that kratom activates at various doses. Kratom is an opioid agonist. In smaller doses, delta opioid receptors are activated. In higher doses, the mu opioid receptors are partly activated. This makes kratom different from opiates such as heroin and opium, as they work mostly on the mu opioid receptors.

Users take kratom mostly in resin, leaf or extract form. Kratom leaf powders and extracts are the most available varieties in western countries.

Typical leaf doses

  • Stimulant: 2 to 5 grams
  • Sedative: 5 to 25 grams

Warning: Kratom can be (mildly) addicting, so it is wise to start with a low dose and to not use it more than once or twice a month to avoid tolerance.

Which variety you feel most drawn to can be a very intuitive experience. No matter which variety you might choose, Azarius has you covered.

If you want to learn more about kratom, check out the resources below.

Thanks for reading and have an inspired day!


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