BlogDutch parliament: prohibition on public smoking
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Dutch parliament: prohibition on public smoking


THE HAGUE – Smoking a joint in the park soon belongs to the past if it is due to a majority of the Dutch parliament. Last Tuesday CDA, VVD and the SGP agreed with the proposal of the Christen Unie to prohibit blowing in public. Prohibition must go to meet the corruption of public spaces, such as stations.

With this motion the parties want a new directive for the Ministry of Public Prosecution to make the prosecution of blowers on the streets more effective. Minister Donner of Justice is not a big fan of the idea. According to him there are not enough agents available who can check if the prohibition is effective or not.

The parliament wants the prohibition as well to be effective on municipal level, just like the way the legislation against public intoxication is functioning. The municipality Council of Amsterdam voted already for experimental public blowing prohibition in some neighborhoods earlier this month.

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