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Aargh! 3 smart products to get rid of PMS


I’m sure many of you vagina owners out there can relate to what I’m about to say. Once a month, I change into a creature that could best be described as a combination of Eeyore, Cookie Monster and Godzilla. I’m not talking about some “princess by day, ogre by night” situation. I’m talking about PMS.

PMS torments the life of the majority of all people who menstruate, including yours truly. Fortunately, Azarius offers some amazing smart products that can very well be used to help alleviate some of the symptoms of PMS.

But first of all: what is PMS?

"In 1982, a woman murdered her husband. In court, she blamed it on her PMS. "

What is PMS?

After ovulation, the estrogen and progesterone levels in the body drop (unless you got pregnant), which is probably the cause of PMS. About 90 % of all people who menstruate experience some degree of pre-menstrual symptoms.

Officially, we’re talking PMS if the symptoms occur monthly, somewhere during the two weeks before the menstruation. These symptoms differ per person, but the list includes tiredness, anxiety, depression, mood swings and an all-encompassing berserker type of rage. Then, there are the physical symptoms, including bloating, cramps and headaches.

Some people have mild symptoms, others have it so badly (hey, there!) that it gets in their way of functioning like a normal human being. Either way, PMS should be seen as the very real problem that it is, regardless of the fact that in modern society (mostly by men who don’t menstruate) it often tends to get severely downplayed.

Fun fact: in 1982, a woman murdered her husband. In court, she blamed it on her PMS. This claim was supported by a medical expert. Go figure.

Treating PMS with valerian

A common symptom of PMS is anxiety. And as many of us know, Valerian has the ability to chill about anyone TF out. Many people take it to improve their quality of sleep, or to relax in stressful situations, such as the days before an exam. But who says you can’t use it to get rid of your PMS related stress and anxiety?

You can try some loose leaf Valerian tea (cool bonus: drinking tea can alleviate period cramps) or just pop a Valerian cap and you’ll be cool as a cucumber in no-time.

"Does crying about car commercials or cute kitties sound familiar?"

Treating PMS with kanna

Does crying about car commercials or cute kitties sound familiar? Some people get such severe PMS that they get prescribed selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI’s). This mainly helps treat the depressive feelings caused by PMS.

However, one of our favourite smart products, in fact, works in a similar way to an SSRI. We’re talking about Kanna here. So try vaping, sniffing or swallowing a small dose of Kanna a couple times a day, and it just might help you get through your dark PMS days.

Of course, Kanna has some awesome psychoactive effects, including euphoria and relaxation. However, it can also cause side effects like drowsiness and very mild hallucinations. So don’t try this when you need to drive or do responsible adultsy work stuff. And don't take it if you're already on SSRI's or MAOI's. 

Treating PMS with Kratom

This is a bit of a tricky one, and should only be used as a last resort. However, I sometimes get into PMS-situations where my anxiety gets so bad that it stops me from functioning properly. And I found that when nothing else can chill me out, Kratom can.

Kratom works on your opiate receptors. The result: it mellows you out like no other. It also suppresses hunger, which is definitely a pro for someone who spends most of their PMS days raiding the fridge.

However, Kratom is a sedative that can induce an intense feeling of drowsiness. Taking Kratom before going to work (or driving) is a baaad idea. Also, note that Kratom can be addictive. Only take this as an aid for PMS anxiety if nothing else works, and definitely don’t repeat it the next day.

There are many other wonderful smart drugs that can help you through your menstruation cycle. Like CBD, which works wonders for alleviating menstrual cramps. The next one will be about that, so stay tuned!

Author: Sterre Marrée

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