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Mother Nature germination technique for organic cannabis growers


This is the “Mother Nature Germination Technique” for organic cannabis growers. This germination technique will help you get near 100% success - it works well for both photoperiod and autoflowering seeds.

WARNING: The following is for information purposes only. Check your local laws on germinating cannabis seeds. Do not attempt the following if it is illegal to do so where you live.

Prepare Your Organic Pots

First, you need to prepare a (small) quarter litre pot for each seed.

Fill the pot with 100% organic substrate (soil) which you can buy from your local grow shop. You don’t need to add any nutrients for germination.

Soak the soil with filtered water that has been left for 24 hours - to allow the chlorine to evaporate and water to align to room temperature. You mustn't shock your baby plants with cold water direct from the tap!

Once the excess water has drained away and the soil is damp - but not soaking wet - poke a hole in the centre of each pot about 2-3 seeds deep (a little less than 1 cm).

Plant Your Cannabis Seeds

Wash your hands and open the packaging of your seeds. Tip them into a dish making sure you don’t handle (and potentially contaminate) them.

Use tweezers to put the seeds into each of the holes you made in the soil in your pots. Gently cover the seed with the surrounding substrate.

Label the pots with the strain and date of planting.


Put the pots into a propagator (mini greenhouse). If your propagator is not heated you may need a heating mat underneath. You can buy all these things from your local grow shop.

If you do not have a propagator you can get a similar effect by putting some cling film over the top of the pot. This keeps the moisture and heat in. Remove the cling film once you see the seedling sprouting.

Close the propagator and put it somewhere warm. Ensure the temperature inside the propagator is between 20-24℃. Humidity should be around 60-70%. Use a thermometer/hygrometer to monitor the temperature and humidity. You can also get these from any grow shop.

Wait for 2-5 days for the seeds to germinate.

Propagator Pro

Cannabis Seedlings

As soon as you see signs of the seed sprouting put it under a neon light. I use one that is 2x55W. Ask your grow shop what they have for seed germination.

Once all seeds have sprouted switch the lighting to 18/20 hours on and 6/4 hours off until you wish to transplant to a bigger pot.

If you are growing outdoors don’t put your plant outside until there is no more chance of frost. For northern Europe, this is typically mid-May. If in doubt, just ask your Grandmother.

For autoflowers you should transplant your seedling into the pot you will finish the plant in. Here are more tips for growing autoflowering strains.

The “Mother Nature Germination Technique” is included in the book “Easy Organic Weed” along with other techniques that will guide you through growing organic cannabis the simple way.

Happy growing!

Bill Griffin, author of Easy Organic Weed

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