BlogCBD Solid, CBD Chamomile and CBDoobie: check out our new CBD products
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CBD Solid, CBD Chamomile and CBDoobie: check out our new CBD products


CBD is hot! The vastly growing amount of CBD users, their positive reports and the wide array of new, innovative CBD products all prove this point. We at Azarius have recently added some awesome new CBD products to our stock.

These new additions include CBD Solid, CBD Chamomile and CBDoobie. All of these products show that CBD can be used in ways that extend way beyond the traditional concept of CBD oil or caps.

Are you curious about these new products? We’ll introduce them to you in this article.

CBD Solid 

CBD Solid (also known as CBD hash) is a CBD product with a texture that’s very similar to hash. It comes in solid form, which is why they call it “Solid”. CBD Solid contains no THC, so it doesn’t get you high. However, it does contain a decent (3.8%) amount of CBD.

So what makes this product so special? That’s not at all hard to explain. Smoking CBD Solid gives the sensation of smoking nice, sticky hash. Without the high, but with all the advantages of CBD.

Just roll CBD Solid into a joint, the same way you would roll a joint with normal hash. You can also put it in your vaporizer or water pipe. You can even make it into a CBD-cake! CBD Solid gives you the advantages of actual hash, combined with the healing properties of CBD.

This extract is made out of hemp plants, and has terpenes added to it. These are naturally occurring components of cannabis, that add to the characteristic aroma, colour and flavour of the plant. You can choose from terpene profiles of three awesome weed strains: Lemon Haze, Amnesia Haze or OG Kush.

Try CBD Solid if you’re looking for a familiar yet exciting way of consuming your CBD.

CBD Chamomile

CBD Chamomile is a new type of CBD capsule. As you might have figured by the name, it combines CBD with chamomile. With CBD Chamomile, you can simultaneously enjoy the positive effects of CBD and the highly relaxing effects of chamomile.

For ages, chamomile has been widely used as a natural medicine, mainly for its relaxing, calming effects. Chamomile can also have a positive effect on one's stomach and bowels. Chamomile is often consumed in the form of chamomile tea, which is generally used to help one sleep better.

A cap of CBD Chamomile contains 20 mg of CBD crystals and 600 mg of chamomile.

Chamomile is a unique combination of old and new; chamomile and CBD. Try it for yourself!


CBDoobie is a herbal supplement, made of dried hemp. Just like CBD Solid, CBDoobie offers a new way of experiencing CBD. This is because you can basically add the herbs to anything you want.

You can, for example, use it in cooking; make a great pizza or omelette with these delicious CBD herbs. You can also make tea out of it, or use it to add some extra power to your sports drink. The list of possibilities is endless!

On top of that, CBDoobie is rich in fibre, and is, therefore, an ideal dietary supplement. This product contains 10% CBD. CBDoobie is produced in Italy, out of bio-certified cannabis, grown in the open air.

With CBDoobie, you can unleash your creativity, by using it in many different ways!


Order from Azarius today. We offer free shipping in the Netherlands. Are you not content with the product? No problem, we offer a super chill 30-day return policy. As soon as we received the payment, we ship your order within 24 hours. And last but not least: you always get a fun present with your order!

Do you want to read more about the history, use and effects of CBD? Read more in our encyclopaedia. Or take a look at all our other CBD products, which include CBD chai tea, e-liquids, and of course, old-school CBD oil.

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