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The best gifts for psychonauts


Your wise, colourful psychonaut friend owns a wardrobe full of trip trousers (you know the kind), wears at least one item a day that has a picture of a mushroom on it, and might be endearingly referred to as “the walking LSD tab”. Your friend is the best person for deep and interesting conversations and safely guides you through many different dimensions and layers of consciousness.

Want to show this loveable spacehead how much you appreciate them? Here are some cool ideas.


When it comes to getting your psychonaut friend a gift, you can’t really go wrong with a super strong psychedelic formula like Trip-e. Another great advantage is that one package makes for two (really, really strong) LSA trips. We’re absolutely sure that giving this gift to your friend will be rewarded with an invitation to enjoy it together.

Rapé Macambo passionflower

Ranging from basic magic truffles to some super obscure cacti that leave you wandering around the desert like Castaneda for days on end – your friend has probably tried them all. Even though we would normally urge anyone not to combine substances, Rapé is specially made to be taken during an Ayahuasca trip. Add a mystical dimension to the experience that even your dope geek has never seen before!

Psychedelic shoulder bag

Tripping in the forest, on the beach, in the snow or even in the rain – every mushie muncher knows that tripping outdoors is so much more fun than indoors! However, tripping outside only works if you keep your trip essentials – water, trip toys and of course a few extra mushies - close to you at all times. This friendly shoulder bag is the perfect companion for your friend’s outdoorsy adventures!

Batik throw-over Multi Mushroom

Your friend eats mushrooms, breathes mushrooms and dreams about mushrooms. With this throw-over hanging on the wall or above the bed, the first thing your trip pal will see when they wake up in the morning is mushrooms. Probably the greatest possible way to start the day!


Friendship necklaces are good fun – but a friendship peyote is even better! Get two peyote cacti, keep one for yourself and give the other one to your psychonaut friend. In the following years when the cacti are growing, both of you give them as much love and good vibes as possible. When the cacti are big enough, you harvest and consume them together. Prepare for the greatest friendship trip ever!

Got inspiration to make your psychonaut friend happy with a colourful, personal, trippy gift? Check out our psychonaut gift guide!

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