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The best gifts for your party pal


We all have that one friend that’s on top of the game when it comes to parties. They are the go-to friend if you need a recommendation for a DJ set, they adamantly try to make you go to a rave with them and you have countless online event invitations to proof it, they know when which DJ is in town (you could suggest following @john_talabot and @si_bonobo on Instagram for the most aesthetically sound scene pics, they will be pleasantly surprised) and they are the one in the know on the best nasal spray during a cold.

Are you in need of a gift for this party panty? Would you like to pamper them for a bit whilst chuckling at a few cliché’s they are guilty of? We’re glad to be of service. Don’t fret if you recognize, not only your friend but also yourself in the following list, so do I! We’re all dancefloor warriors, up from dawn till dusk and vice versa.

  • On pictures of the party animal in action, bouncing around on a blowout, you’re likely to see glow-in-the-dark items surrounding or somehow attached to the party animal. No? Well, in that case, glitter is very likely to be present. Has your friend glitter (and lube) smeared all over his face? Caught in the act! The only thing their joyful ensemble is missing is space glasses.
  • Your friend can probably tell are story or two about trying to get into Berghain, or you show you a picture of them in the black outfit, that shows more skin that it hides, in which they were successful. Isn’t that the case? The partygoer undoubtedly has wandered the streets of a few European metropolises, in search of a club that’s cool and accessible-but-not-too, difficult bouncers included.
  • Have you ever been the witness of some uncontrollable mouth movements by your saucer-eyed friend? Help them out, buy them a scale under the motto “There’s a remedy close, in the well-considered dose”. It must be said, however, that some are more sensitive to gurning and the deer in the headlights look than others.
  • “Where’s the after party?” is the ever-relevant question troubling the mind of the party pal. The funny thing about after parties at the houses of complete strangers, or short-time acquaintances, is how hard it is to predict what you will encounter. The atmosphere, mood and the other idiots last-minute invited; it’s pretty hard to paint a picture beforehand. Will you dress up and take part in a weird take on a theatre play, will it turn into a hedonistic spectacle, or is everyone quietly listening to music, wrapped up in their own bubble? After parties are a special kind of adventure.
  • After the party (and the after party) comes the comedown. It’s time for large-scale maintenance with some much-needed minerals.
  • Is your friend keen not to put too many chemicals into their body? Encourage this wisdom! We sell various naturally stimulating party products at Azarius, like Gold Rush, our favourite. This is also a good option for those curious after natural products or for those whom their body will thank them for a ‘healthy’ drug, finally. Party safe peeps.
  • Fat chance your party friend has had to experience a drug search, an unpleasant experience altogether. Better safe than sorry with these underpants that reveal nothing at all.

We offer a variety of gifts for the typical party animal, ranging from handy gadgets to downright life-savers.

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