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The best gifts for your family


Every December I struggle to find the perfect presents for my family members. Obviously, I want to get them something that they love to receive, and will actually use. However, I also want to give them stuff that I enjoy giving. For a long time, I thought there wasn’t much overlap there.

Fortunately, Azarius now presents a super handy selection of gifts for your family members, through which I have found a great present for every member of my family. And I'm sure you will too! 

Mum: Organic peeled hemp seeds

My mum is a total health freak. She goes running every morning and makes sure to eat organic food, drink green smoothies and pack everything she cooks with loads of superfoods. She detests anything unhealthy (except for white wine), and is worried about me taking magic mushrooms. Why you ask? Because she says it’s food poisoning.

Dad: Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self

My dad is a writer and an avid reader. He reads during breakfast, he reads mid-conversation. Don’t disturb this man when he is in the process of devouring a book. A great thing about it is that he is more than eager to have in-depth discussions about any topic he has read about. So why not slip the man a nice book about consciousness, identity, and the definition of reality, and spark up a great conversation around the dinner table?

Sister: DMAE

My sister has just moved into her first Ikea-furnished student house – loud housemates, piles of dirty dishes and naggy neighbours included. However much she wants to get involved in the delights of the student lifestyle, she spends all her time actually studying, trying not to get distracted by the mayhem around her. If only I could get her something that would help her concentrate more on her books so that she could spend the rest of her time enjoying being a student…

Nan: Handmade hemp soap (Amsterdam Genetics)

My grandmother is cheerful, unfiltered and absolutely clueless about most aspects of modern lifestyle. She knows the concept of “stoned” through a popular song from the 1970's, called “stoont als een garnaal” (translates to: stoned like a shrimp), and starts singing that song (like, really loudly) whenever she sees me. It has taken me ages to explain to her that weed also has other purposes than just getting one stoned. But maybe some amazing hemp-soap might convince her!

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