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5 Trips nobody can take away from you


Whether you think it is reasonable or not the recreational use of drugs goes hand in hand with legislation. Nobody knows which drugs will end up being banned in the future. At least there is one consolation - there really are a few mind-altering substances they cannot take away from you!


Millions already know the score - binaural doses of I-Doser. The manufacturer builds software which by means of high and low sound waves simulates certain moods and experiences. The products can be used to relax or meditate, but there also is a dose which mimics the effects of marijuana. However, the phenomenon of binaural frequencies, which I-Doser uses, only occurs when using headphones.


Short on cash? Perhaps you have something useful lying around in your kitchen cupboard. A considerable amount of nutmeg can induce a dreamy daze or even hallucinations. You swallow the finely grated spice (for example with a glass water) or sniff it. But beware, the nut may well cause dizziness, nausea and panic attacks. In addition, it takes a while before anything happens, but if it does you could be off your head for more than a day! So it’s best to clear your schedule in advance.

WARNING: Nutmeg contains MAO inhibitors which mean that when combined with many everyday foods it may have adverse effects, it can make you feel dizzy and nauseous and if you take too much, you could even experience psychosis. And, last but not least, the hangover is horrific!

Sweat lodge ceremony

A sweat lodge ceremony is an ancient shamanistic cleansing ritual in a covered hut with hot stones. It’s a bit like a sauna, only far more intense and spiritual. In the hut, a guide will lead you through singing and prayers towards visions and transformation. It not only offers an interesting trip, but the ceremony can help you process experiences so that in the end you'll feel reborn.

Banana skins

If The Anarchist Cook Book is to be believed, psychedelic substances may just be lying around in a fruit bowl. It has been reported that bananas contain a small amount of Bananadine, a mild and short-term psychedelic substance. It is, however, quite a hassle to get high this way You need to peel, scrape, cook and dry large amounts of the fruit to end up with a smokeable powder. According to some, the alleged effect is a hoax. But let's call it like it is - bananas are as legal as can be.

Holotropic breathing

In the event of a banana ban, you'll always have yourself. Isn’t it a wonderful thought that all kinds of mind-altering substances are hidden in our own body? For example, you can teach yourself meditation, self-hypnosis and lucid dreaming. Surprisingly we can also reach another state of consciousness with the technique of holotropic breathing. This breathing technique - perhaps not entirely coincidental - was developed in the 1970s by one of the first scientists undertaking LSD-therapy, Stanislav Grof.

Author: Sara de Waal

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