BlogBrace yourselves: Amsterdam Dance Event is near
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Brace yourselves: Amsterdam Dance Event is near


As the northern hemisphere has officially turned to autumn the sunny festival season has come to a close. But not to worry, the time to return to the clubs and dance in the dark brings the Amsterdam Dance Event.

For a few days in October Amsterdam lights up by the influx of professionals and music enthusiasts from all over the world. Birthed in 1995 ADE has since then grown to become the biggest clubs festival on the planet  - quite an achievement for our small city.

What’s happening?

In five days’ time, from Wednesday, October 18 to Sunday the 22nd, over 2200 artists will perform at more than 120 venues. There are parties at obvious locations such as clubs, concert venues and café’s but also in record shops (like Black Gold), movie theatres (for instance Tuschinski), in a tea house and underneath a museum. Throughout Amsterdam, the coolest, secret and not so secret, places turn into a dance floor.

Azarius knows ADE

ADE is an entire festival season crammed into five days offering you a lot of choices. As much choice that body and mind could use some help if you’re coming over to party. Our Azarius shop is well-prepared and extends you a warm welcome at Kerkstraat 119 to offer you our best natural and legal highs.

We have your typical party products such as Dance-E, which will help you through the night, and Gold Rush, the go-to party mood booster, as well as a range of ‘post-party’ products. Like After-D, which works on both a physical and mental level after a druggy night, filled with natural aids, alongside our spectrum of vitamins and supplements.

Don't be afraid to test

Don’t wanna go natural? Be aware of friendly and less friendly street dealers more than willing to be of help. For your own safety, we advise to skip them altogether. Wherever you buy your drugs, get them tested. Our easy, like the name suggests, EZ tests will do the work for you. Fortunately, drug testing authorities in the Netherlands are your friend. Tests are thorough and the professionals performing them wish nothing more but to inform you of drug safety (scroll down a little for drug testing info). There is a daily opportunity to get your pills tested during ADE. Drug education project Unity offers a free lecture in English on XTC and MDMA.

Do you fancy a party yet? Check the full program here and we hope to you in the shop! ☺ Party safe peeps.  

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