BlogExpand your consciousness in Berlin at Altered Conference 2017
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Expand your consciousness in Berlin at Altered Conference 2017


We’d like to introduce you, deserving blog readers and loyal customers, to an event that we at Azarius are super excited for. Altered Conference is an international gathering that revolves around psychedelics, held in the coolest city in Europe (and by that we mean Berlin - not Amsterdam).

Altered Conference features over 30 lectures, rituals and workshops by pioneers and experts in the field of psychedelics, including author and researcher David Luke, MAPS podcaster Zach Leary and microdosing authority James Fadiman; names that make us bounce off the walls with excitement. Many interesting topics will be discussed, including integrative psychedelic therapy, Ayahuasca and shamanic plant medicine, contemporary rituals and the latest research on microdosing. The full programme can be found here.

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Altered States, Crisis, and Opportunity

Just like the previous edition in 2016, Altered Conference 2017 is centred around a specific theme. This year’s theme is: Altered States, Crisis, and Opportunity. Regarding the issues we are currently facing – such as our political climate, the increasingly urgent problem of global warming and the hyperconnectedness of the digital age – this topic might now be more relevant than ever. In times of crisis, whether that’s on a personal or societal level, psychedelics can be used as a tool to explore and even as a source of healing.

Altered Conference ends with a fun, intimate after party. And as most of us know, Berlin is synonymous to epic partying. If you want to learn more about psychedelics, have many new experiences and meet super interesting people, Altered Conference is definitely going to be your thing.

See you In Berlin

The conference will take place at 3 – 4 November at the Essentis BioHotel in Berlin. Tickets to the event are still available through this link. Azarius is one of the sponsors for this event, so we will definitely be present – see you  in Berlin?

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