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Cycling for cannabis: Medical Bike Tour 2017


The stereotypical stoner as couch locked lazybones is nowhere to be found at the Medical Bike Tour. This non-profit organization, set up by Luc Krol of Paradise Seeds, raises funds for independent research into medicinal cannabis. This is done with a sponsored bike tour in which participants cover 420 kilometres (yes, indeed) over a three-day period. Obviously, we sent some brave members of the Azarius crew along to survive mud, ravines and extracurricular activities (keep an eye on social media for signs of life!)

A bit of cycling history

The first edition took place in 2012 with no less than two cyclists. Since then, the number has grown rapidly: a total of €350,000 has been raised and last year 80 participants presented themselves at the starting line. From the very beginning, research into the use of cannabinoids in the fight against cancer and exposure for the potential of medicinal cannabis has been a central theme. There is also a collaboration with the International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, which aims to advance knowledge on cannabis, cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, especially with regard to their therapeutic potential. Great ideals, so pedal to the metal!

The Green Route

On October 3rd these brave riders will start in the Czech Republic and on October 5th they finish, not uncoincidentally, in Vienna, where the Cultiva hemp congress takes place. It is still possible to join, as a cyclist or volunteer (but you better be quick.)

Previous editions took place in Spain (2x), Slovenia/Italy and the Netherlands/Belgium/Germany.

More information about the organization and registration can be found here. Also, check the study they support and their thorough explanation of medicinal cannabis studies in general.

Day 1, 2017: They are on their way!

Author: Maud

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