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The 3 best video games to play stoned


Cannabis and video games - a happy marriage. They go hand in hand and many gamers swear that they are better performers when stoned. But that does not have to be the only reason to smoke during gaming.

When you are happily stoned, it’s possible that you get in the zone and become a part of whatever you’re doing. Games are probably the best example of that. There’s nothing better than diving deep into the world of a game and feeling like you're really in the game. Hours of fun guaranteed, surrounded by thick clouds of smoke.

So it’s high time to compile a list of the best games to play stoned. Below you will find my personal top three. As it is a personal list, you can, of course, have a different opinion. That's perfectly fine. Feel free to compile your personal favourites in the comments!

Mario Kart Switch

Mario Kart

Whatever version of Mario Kart you play, this game is absolutely amazing to play stoned; especially if you are playing with friends. Now that I write about it and remember the dozens of hours I raced against stoned friends I'm feeling nostalgic.

There's nothing better than trying to outsmart your friends by looking back during the race and sneakily dropping a banana just in the right place so the other cannot evade it. And of course, there are many more methods to make each other's lives miserable.

Winning is fun, but with Mario Kart, it's mostly these kinds of actions that smile from ear to ear. Even if you're the recipient of that banana, get hit by some shields and end up in last place, Mario Kart will leave you with a smile on your face. It's just a game and this game is one of the most genial games ever when you're high.

GTA San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto

If you're looking for some more action and love to behave like a criminal, GTA is an excellent choice. There are now no less than five titles in this franchise, and they are all awesome. Much of the joy can be explained by the freedom you have in the game.

Too stoned to follow assignments? Just steal a car and randomly drive around to enjoy the surroundings. Getting bored? Then roadkill some people, pick up a weapon and create a bloodbath. Is that the police coming? No problem. You will outsmart them in no time.

Steal another car and before you know you find yourself in a hot pursuit scene. Eventually, you crashed your car into a wall you did not see coming because you just took a toke. Shit, that wasn't the intention.

The possibilities are almost endless and you can do what you want. What else can you wish for if you're stoned?

FIFA 2017 gameplay


Granted, you have to love a little bit of football to enjoy this game. Playing stoned football is not recommended in real life, but on a video gaming console FIFA it's a great experience.


Scoring a beautiful goal feels so much better if you are blazed. Just like making a well-timed sliding without getting a card. Not to mention all the tricks you can perform. The sense of wonder after you just push some buttons and still show some amazing skills is really cool. Probably because you're stoned, right?

Of course, just like with Mario Kart, it's best to play FIFA with friends. And if you're totally in the zone, you become invincible. Until you’re too stoned to play and get your ass kicked. Oops.

What is your top 3?

It was extremely difficult to compile this list. I had a list with about fifteen games but had to make some hard choices. I wasn’t able to give any attention to some of my favourite games. Do you have a better list?

Let me know your personal top 3, I'm very curious.

Author: Joris

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