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Be high as a kite with these 10 high THC seeds


Getting high, stoned, feeling baked, blazed, blunted, krunked, ripped…you get the idea. The main psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis that makes you feel that way is Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. A number of effects that are typical of cannabis are triggered by THC: distorted vision and hearing, increased appetite, sleepiness and relaxation. Once growers got the memo on THC, they, of course, started to boost levels of THC for that extra heavy stone that would keep smokers coming back for more quality stuff. Our specialists at Azarius tried to make a top 10 with cannabis seeds that are high on the THC. To be fair to everyone they selected one strain per brand and still came up with a list of true weed classics. Grow these seeds and be prepared to be blown away!

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1. Glueberry O.G. (Dutch Passion)

A potent and tasty variation of the classic OG Kush combines a distinct blueberry taste with an impressive potency that will have you ponder the meaning of life. As a bonus, this strain produces some bountiful yields.

2. Royal Gorilla (Royal Queen Seeds)

Witness that THC percentage: 27%! Royal Gorilla almost gets you high just by looking at those buds. The effect is a famous mix of deep relaxation with an uplifting high that completely changes your outlook on existence.

3. Critical Kush (Barney’s Farm)

When you bring together two powerhouses like Critical Mass and OG Kush one can expect some green fusion. The THC level of 25% doesn’t lie, Critical Kush will stop you in your tracks. The earthy taste also makes this a very pleasurable smoke.

4. Neville’s Haze (Green House)

One for the philosophers. The THC percentage of 22-23% takes the user on a powerful cerebral high. The Haze base is helped along with a pinch of Northern Lights so you know you’re in safe hands.

5. OG Reek‘n (Devil’s Harvest)

You want to get this price winner for its impressive 22% THC level which will put you to sleep like a little baby. But perhaps it wise to also invest in some air filtering because OG Reek’n is a bit of stinker.

cannabis galaxy from Pixababy

6. 24K Gold (DNA Genetics)

The strain formerly known as Kosher Tangie has a variable THC percentage which ranges between 18% and 24%. This makes 24K Gold a bit unpredictable so first time growers and users beware!

7. Amnesia (SuperStrains)

Amnesia is a bona fide classic that still seduces users with its unique citric and earthy taste. And of course, its potency contributes to Amnesia’s fame: 21% THC will translate into a euphoric, happy and creative high.

8. Silver Haze #9 (Sensi Seeds)

The original Silver Haze by Sensi Seeds is a masterpiece. Naturally Sensi Seeds struck gold and had to mine this strain with different back-crosses. With #9 Silver Haze the potency is reinforced which produces a sensual and cerebral high.

9. Brainkiller Haze (Vision Seeds)

The name leaves little to the imagination. As do the technical specs of Brainkiller Haze: an almost pure Haze with a THC percentage of 22%. The result is a long-lasting and heavy high that (spoiler) doesn’t really kill your brain.

10. L.A. Amnesia (Paradise Seeds)

A meeting of legends: Amnesia and Kush. You just know this is going to be a mind blower. The THC level has a range between 20 and 24% depending on your gardening skills. The result will be tasteful and pretty euphoric.

Author: El Duque

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