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Easy does it: Top 5 Autoflowering seeds


Growing your own cannabis used to be something of a hassle. Not so today. Thanks to dedicated growers cannabis seeds can be grown in different settings and climates. Arguably the biggest revolution has been the introduction of autoflowering seeds, which also are called automatic strains. You can read more about the history of autoflowering in in our encyclopedia. Basically, autoflowering plants are not dependent on light cycles to start the flowering process. You just germinate your seed, care for your plant and watch it grow until it starts to bloom, in general, earlier than regular seeds. Autoflowers have two (relative) disadvantages, the plants tend to be smaller, which also translates into a smaller yield. Every year we see more automatic variants of classic strains being introduced. For those Azarians curious about these easy-to-grow cannabis seeds we present our top 5 autoflowering seeds, and throughout the month of June you get a 20% discount on these five classics!

1) Big Bang Autoflowering (Green House)

The name Big Bang can be read in two ways. This autoflower by Green House explodes towards the flowering period and will produce some big yields for an automatic strain. And then there is the effect. Skunk and Northern Lights in the genetic mix basically says it all: be prepared for some deep relaxation. If you’re happy with the results you can immediately plant a new seed as Big Bang Auto grows the whole year round.

2) Automatic Mega Bud (GreenLabel)

Automatic Mega Bud by GreenLabel is another strain which immediately makes its intentions known. This is one of the automatic strains which with the right care will award you with plenty of buds. And they’ll taste good too, thanks to that classic citrus and earthy combination everybody loves. Also a good strain for some guerilla growing in the wild. Because the world can’t have enough cannabis plants.

3) Critical Kush Auto (Barney’s Farm)

Critical Kush Auto by Barney’s Farm is a typical example of the growing trend of creating automatic versions of popular strains. Kush derivatives have been enormously successful over the years, like Barney’s Farm own meeting of Critical Mass and OG Kush. They added Ruderalis to the mix creating a very fast growing version of this bestseller, which packs a punch, so have a couch in the vicinity if you smoke this one.

4) +Speed Autoflowering (Sweet Seeds)

Is time of the essence? We understand everybody wants a quick stash. Again the name leaves little to the imagination: you want speed, you’ll get it. The popular Critical Mass is crossed with Speed Devil #2 with a promise that the plant can be harvested 7 weeks after germination. We like to see that bettered! Thankfully, it does not taste like burning rubber, this is a nice eccentric mélange of sweet fruit and cheese which your taste buds will love.

5) AutoMazar (Dutch Passion)

Another automatic version of a classic, this time courtesy of Dutch Passion. Mazar is a complete cannabis strain, a true big yielder. The potential for making an autoflower with above average harvests was mined by Dutch Passion resulting in a typical plant of reduced stature but with plenty of nice sticky buds. It’s a strong plant that loves the big outdoors and the Southern sun makes AutoMazar extra happy, resulting in even bigger harvests.

Author: El Duque

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