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Elevate me: Top 5 Sativas


Lift me up, baby!
Beam me up, Scotty!

Cannabis enthusiasts worldwide appreciate the benefits of a good Sativa versus indica-dominated cannabis varieties. Without question, both variants of our beloved hemp have their pros and cons, but the elevating feeling that comes from a good Sativa is simply the better choice for many occasions. The sativa high encourages the creativity of many consumers, often provides a good mood and, in contrast to the couch-lock of many indica stains, is significantly more active and communicative.
The Haze varieties are without a doubt the best known, but among our top 5 sativa varieties, there has also been a cross-breed that stands out from the trend. See for yourself, here comes our Azarius selection of the Top 5 sativas. And as always, you can enjoy a special offer this month. Have fun!

1) G13 Haze (Barney's Farm)

The expert breeders at Barney's Farm have crossed the incredible features of the famous G13 with a Hawaiian sativa. The result is an extraordinary hybrid combining the best of two worlds: G13xHaze has become a popular favourite among indoor growers because it is unusually small for a Sativa and is therefore very easy to handle. It also blooms relatively quickly. Already after a good ten weeks a power-weed can be harvested with about 20 percent THC and about 0.7 percent CBD. All this makes G13xHaze our Azarius top choice among the Sativa-heavy strains.

2) OutLaw (Dutch Passion)

What can we say? Super Haze meets Amnesia. You will get high in a beautifully clean and fast way thanks to the respectable THC-percentage that lies somewhere between 15 and 20%. Haze brings that typical flavour to the table in this Sativa dominant hybrid. Obviously you can't wait to harvest this girl but it really pays to let her go all the way (12 weeks that is.) Just think of all that extra taste you will gain. So good it should be outlawed, but then again we are totally for legalization.

3) Golden Haze (Devil's Harvest)

Already the names of the ancestors leave experienced marijuana consumers in awe. Golden Haze is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Amnesia Haze. More than 20 percent THC in the absolutely classic Haze flavour of this golden monster makes every marijuana lover quickly stand out in creative highs. Devil's Harvest have long been known for their stunning indicas. With this creation, however, they have impressively demonstrated their abilities in the sativa cultivation as well. Absolutely convincing. Therefore # 3.

4) Super Lemon Haze (Green House)

World-renowned for its lemony flavour and the very strong, long-lasting high, Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse Seeds has earned a place among our Top 5 sativa varieties. You can think about Arjan, the self-proclaimed King of Cannabis, what you want, but with this Haze, he and his colleagues have definitely achieved a work of art among cannabis sativa. The flowering season with its 9 to 10 ½ weeks duration is on an average side, but the THC value, with a good 22 percent, plays in the highest league.

5) Silver Haze #9 (Sensi Seeds)

Last but not least in our list is Sensi Seeds Silver Haze of the ninth generation. Steadily developed, Silver Haze has always gained an excellent reputation among cannabis friends. With this variety Sensi Seeds has managed to preserve the original Hazeturn with its sensual, cerebral high, but at the same time managed to control the increase in height. Nevertheless, the Silver Haze should be sent into the flowering period shortly after germination with a 12/12 lighting. It will grow! Promised. The Azarius #5 position for the original Haze taste, the beautiful high and the high yield with the most beautiful sativa buds.

Author: Bastian

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