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Paranormal through shrooms?


Ganzfeld-experiments in the Netherlands have proven that people under influence of magic mushrooms are far better capable of telepathically transferring their thoughts to someone else than usual. The reason for this experiment with shrooms was the traditional use in Indian cultures in South-America. Amongst them the link between these mushrooms and clairvoyance or telepathy is considered obvious.

It is known for a long time that people often report paranormal experiences when in an altered state of consciousness, for example when dreaming, meditating or just before falling asleep. Parapsychologists invented a setting that quickly brings people in such a state: the Ganzfeld. At an equally named experiment the test person lays down on a comfortable chair in a soundproof room. Headphones that only produce a noise. Two half ping pong balls on the eyes with a red lamp shining on them. Without any stimulations of the senses, the paranormal signals would be more cleary perceptible.

In the other room, a ‘sender’ is present. He looks at a picture and tries to ‘send’ the image to the test person. There are multiple variations on this experiment; mostly the receiver describes his impressions and chooses from four pictures one he thinks he has received.
Chances when choosing at random are 25%, so a higher percentage would indicate that something paranormal has taken place.

After twenty years of Ganzfeld research through the whole world the average success percentage lays around 33%. Later on, Professor at University of Utrecht Dick Bierman and academic Rens Wezelman researched clairvoyance under influence of drugs. Test persons smoked a joint just before entering the Ganzfeld session, or they had a dose of the hallucinogen psilocybin, better known as magic mushrooms. The stoned test persons scored around 30%, which is slightly above chance level, but comparable with results of sober persons. Under influence of mind altering shrooms the success percentage went up to 58%.

Source: Psychologie magazine and research report: Het effect van cannabis en paddo’s in een parapsychologisch experiment by D. Bierman.

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