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Did you quit smoking? 6 vaporizers to help you out!


The New Year has just started, for many the moment to quit smoking again. How many attempts have you made? Do you relapse every time, because you accept a joint which as a consequence keeps you addicted to tobacco? Perhaps it is time to buy a vaporizer.

A vaporizer heats up cannabis to the boiling point of THC which makes the THC vaporize. You don't inhale smoke but pure vapour without harmful substances.

Six vaporizer models

For those of you who want to experience the purest form of cannabis Azarius selected six beautiful vaporizers. Every vaporizer has unique properties, which in turn cater to your personal wishes.

The Boundless CFC is one of our newest products. It is a perfect entry level model for a rather sharp price. When you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day you can buy this vaporizer after two weeks of quitting. This makes quitting tobacco a very attractive proposition. The Boundless CFC has a ceramic chamber, which results in a soft, neutral taste. This small vaporizer is easy to carry and simple to use.

The Storm is a pen vaporizer, although something of a large variant. It produces great vapours with a noticeably nice and gentle taste. The battery works up to at least a 100 inhalations. This is a lot for a pen vaporizer. The storm is also suitable for the vaporization of hash thanks to a separate chamber which is included. With yet another chamber it is possible to vape oil and wax. In short the Storm is quite versatile.

The Magic Flight Launch Box truly possesses an attractive appearance. The complete housing is made of wood and metal. With exception of the cover this apparatus is free of plastic.

Still believe that a vaporizer is not for you? Perhaps because you will get too stoned from the heavy vapour? That problem has now been solved. One inhalation of the Magic Flight Launch Box delivers as much THC to your lungs as a drag of a joint. Dosing was never so easy. For this vaporizer you can also buy a special container with which makes it possible to vape hash.

six popular vaporizers

The Mighty is a godsend if you want to get as high as possible. This vaporizer is a real powerhouse. The chamber in which you put the weed is large and as a consequence needs to be refilled less frequently. The battery may be heavy, but it makes for long sessions. Furthermore you can adjust the temperature from 40°C to 210°C. It is clear that this model is the absolute pinnacle of the portable vaporizer category.

The WISPR works on butane gas. This of course is very handy in case you want to take a vaporizer to a festival where there is no electricity. Quitting because your battery is empty is a thing of the past with the WISPR. Moreover, the vaporizer is really powerful and has a soft taste. The grill protects the WISPR against heating up too much and makes it easy to put down.

The Puffit 2 excels by being discreet. At first sight this looks like medicinal inhalator, but appearances deceive. Can you picture yourself vaping on a train, in a waiting room or restaurant? With the Puffit you can go wherever you want without giving offence. It fits easily in your trouser pocket and the powerful battery ensures that you can go from home for quite some time.

More vaporizer models

These six models only present a selection of the vaporizers we carry. Do you do want know what more we have to offer in this category? Then click here. Or you can read more about vaporizers in the encyclopedia.

Author: Sophie

Photo credit (main picture): Vaping360 under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

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