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Dream herbs: give your dreams a boost


Winter has officially started. What better thing to do than curl up in pile of blankets for some deep hibernation? And sleeping doesn’t have to be boring! Did you know you can give your dreams a beautiful boost with dream herbs? Dream herbs influence the way you dream and sleep. Dreams become more sharp and colourful. The storyline gets more consistent and you’ll be more likely to remember your nightly adventures.

Want to learn lucid dreaming? Dream herbs can help you do so!

Our 3 favourite dream herbs

1. Uvuma-Omhlope (Synaptolepsis Kirkii)
The Xhosa from South-Africa use Uvuma-omhlope to communicate with their ancestors. Dissolve a teaspoon of the powdered root bark in hot water and drink it half an hour before you go to bed. Ask a question and you might get an answer in your dreams…The strength of this herb increases by using it several days in a row.

Silene capsensis

2. African dream root (Silene capensis)
The most famous dream herb of our collection. Silene capensis provides for a deep sleep and waking up well rested. It may evoke colourful, vivid dreams that you will remember clearly the next morning. You can take this dream herb in the morning before breakfast. The effects won’t show till you go to sleep.

3. Afrikaans dream herb (Entada Rheedii)
The large, round, brown seeds of Entada Rheedii bring happiness twice. The white pulp inside can be smoked to intensify your dreams. Besides the seeds can be worn as a necklace or talisman. It’s believed they bring luck to those who wear them. We also sell Enthada Rheedii as an extract and tincture.

Curious for more? Look here for an overview of our entire collection of dream herbs.

We wish you sweet dreams!

Author: Judith

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