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4-FA will be illegal in the Netherlands


The designerdrug 4-FA will be illegal from April first next year in the Netherlands. The drug, which is also know as 4-FMP, wasn’t availiable at Azarius anyway, but soon you won’t be able to get it anywhere (legal, that is).

In last couple of years the drug has gotten more and more popular in the nightlife. Maybe you’ve even tried it yourself sometimes at a party. The effect is a nice euphoric and emphatic feeling; it feels like XTC but is a little bit different.

The effect and the risks

“More euphoric than speed, more stimulating than MDMA,” that’s how it gets defined a lot by users. You feel sharper, have some more controle and aren’t as spaced out as with MDMA – which has been illegal for decades in the Netherlands.

4-FA will now be illegal because, according to the Dutch Trimbos institute, it can cause extreme headaches and cerebral hemmorraghes. So according to that research it can be quite dangerous. But people will use it anyway, so the sales will probably just go to the black market. At Azarius, we don’t know if that’s any better.

Designer drug

It’s probable that 4-FA was first synthesized by Alexander Shulgin, the famous psychedelic chemist who rediscovered MDMA, discovered thousands of other psychedelics and passed away two years ago. You can see an interview with the famous psychonaut on Vice.

4-FA is a designer drug, a substance created in a laboratory. The idea of those kind of drugs is to constantly change the molecule structure a little but, so that before one is illegal, another is already on the market.

At Azarius, we don’t sell any of these designer drugs, just natural substances. Because lots of these designer drugs haven’t been researched thoroughly, there is barely anything known about the risks. So when you play with it, you’re basically you’re own guinea pig.

Author: Tim

Photo: Partyflock

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