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No plant material to waste


It’s harvest season of our favourite green herb. To dry the buds well, you remove the leaves from the cannabis plant. Often they contain quite some THC crystals (the small white balls). A pity to waste these!


The small ‘sugar-coated’ leaves are ideal for making hash. Hash is created by separating the crystals from the plant and pressing them together. In our encyclopedia you can read more about different extraction methods.

Tip: put your plant material in a plastic bag. Leave it in the freezer for one night and the separation process will be a lot easier.

Mmm… munchies

Too complicated? Your ‘waste material’ is particularly suitable for baking and cooking. THC dissolves in water, but more easily in fat. If you want to consume your greens in food, it’s a clever idea to mix them in melted butter or oil beforehand.

Most space cakes (and cookies) are based on cannabis butter. As a guideline you can take about 250 grams of leave material for 250 grams of butter. However, the exact amount obviously depends on your own taste and the amount of crystals on your leaves.

Apple pie

How do I make cannabis butter?

Melt the butter in a small pan that you put on top of a bigger pan with boiling water (au bain-marie). Grind the leaves and add them. Let it simmer for 1 to 2 hours. Sieve to remove the greens and let the butter solidify again. Cannabis butter can be used in all possible cake and cookie recipes. How about this delicious apple pie?

Weed oil

Depending on the recipe you can dissolve the leaves in other types of fat as well. For olive oil you follow a similar procedure. Again the possibilities are endless: sprinkle it on top of spaghetti, put it in a stew or enjoy a slightly different salad dressing.

weed tea

Weed tea or chocolate milk

Fancy a hot drink? It’s pretty much the same procedure: cannabinoids are solvable in water, but the effect will be stronger if you first soak the leaves in some creamy milk or a lump of butter. The classic Indian bhang is based on this principle, and it works equally fine with chocolate milk or chai.

Coconut ointment

It’s not just delicious for baking, coconut oil can also act as a base for ointments. Are you planning to use cannabis medicinally? Then this method is perfect for topical applications, like relieving pain or treating skin problems.

Raw leaves

Did you know the big leaves (without crystals) also contain THC and other cannabinoids? To a lesser extent than the buds, but they are rich in fibre. According to some the raw leaves are a superfood that may help against all sorts of ailments.

CBD roots

You shouldn’t even throw away the roots of your plant! They contain relatively large amounts of CBD. As they’re a bit dry and stiff, it’s best to grind them into a fine powder. This you can add to – for example – a smoothie. Roots from hydroponically grown plants are more suitable to process than roots from soil.

By Judith

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