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Were the gods actually mushrooms?


A number of myths and religious writings from all over the world describe a magical substance with which one could contact the gods. In myths these substances have always been shrouded in mystery. We therefore cannot be certain what these substances consisted of. There is however growing evidence that many old civilisations used magical mushrooms to access another reality. In this article we present some examples as “food for thought”.

The magic mushroom as a foundation of Christianity

Adam and Eve fresco Plaincourault Abbey In the Bible it is described how God prohibited Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge (also the called the tree of life.) By eating the apple from the tree they would see the same as God. What really was meant with this is the perception of the difference between good and evil. One could say it is rather strange that the Bible threatens with punishment those who use something that gives insight. It becomes even weirder if you look at a depiction of Adam and Eve from the 13th century (see image.) Here Adam and Eve do not stand under a tree, but next to a mushroom. It is possible that the tree of knowledge was not an apple tree, but a symbolic representation of the magic mushroom.

De fly agaric in ancient Hinduism

Soma was a Vedic beverage which was consumed in ancient India long before Christ. After use one would come in contact with the gods. In many Vedic scriptures this mysterious substance makes an appearance. According to R. Gordon Wasson soma in reality symbolised the fly agaric. He conducted in-depth studies on the subject.

Ergot as the base for a mystical Greek beverage

In ancient Greece people annually held secret ceremonies at which a magic concoction was consumed. This drink would reveal a higher mystical truth. According to Wasson this drink was made of grain infected with ergot. Ergot is a mould which contains LSA. The latter is a powerful psychedelic substance.

Terence McKenna's view on magic mushrooms

There are many indications that mushroom cults have existed all over the world. The American ethnobotanist Terence McKenna studied this phenomenon comprehensively and was convinced that religions originate as result of the use of mushrooms. According to him the human mind developed through the use of psychedelics. He describes his view in the bestseller Food Of The Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge.

Undergoing your own mystical experiences

Naturally, it is quite interesting to get deeper into this subject. It is even more fascinating to undergo the mushroom experience yourself. Chances are that you will experience what Terence McKenna meant with the title of his book Food of the Gods.

Sadly psychedelic mushrooms are prohibited these days. On the other hand magic truffles are still available at Azarius (and depending on the drug laws of your country.) These contain the same psychoactive substance as the Mexican mushroom. They can also induce the same mystical experience as magical mushrooms.

By Sophie

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