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The Psychedelic Sessions


For the second time we organize The Psychedelic Sessions at Landjuweel 2016.

Four intriguing lectures give you the chance to get to know more about the psychedelic experience. Most of us will have some experience with tripping and spacing, but the psychedelic horizon reaches much further. Are there really better alternatives for Ecstasy? Why is one substance more spiritual than the other? And what is the legal status in the formerly progressive The Netherlands?

The speakers are participants in the "field" and will give an impression on the psychedelic experience from their own branch. From Ayahuasca to 4-FA, from cannabis to toad poison.

Line up:

Derrick Bergman ~ Author and VOC-chairman

Cultivate your own freedom: cannabis activism in the 21st century.

The international movement against the War on Drugs and the prohibition of cannabis has won some important battles in the past years. Although the chasm between politicians and civilians remains large, this is definitely true in The Netherlands. The latest national and international developments are presented as well as the importance of grassroots initiatives.

Oliver Martin ~ Mushroom Doctor

Psilohuasca, Toad and Coming Home

Oliver will share all about the true magic of Psilocybe Mushrooms, which they fully release when combined with Syrian Rue. He also talks about Toad Magic and the powerful 5MeO DMT which is it’s main ingredient. And how he combines both, Psilohuasca and Toad in Spiritual Awakening Weekends in the Netherlands.

Judith Noijen ~ Project leader at Unity

4-FA. Temporay hype or serious competitor of Ecstasy?

With the growing popularity of 4-fluoramfetamine the attention of party-goers and media, government and information services increases. What is going on with this new psychoactive substance?

Arno Adelaars ~ Author and Ayahuasca expert

Anaconda and Jaguar. The Fountain of Culture.

Lecture on the spiritual background of Amazonian shamanism, as Ayahuasca is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Friday Augustus 12, 15:00 - 19:00
Salon Ruigoord
Ruigoord 36, 1047 HH Amsterdam

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