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Winners skateboard contest


Acid drops, blunts and grinds. Yeah, we’re talking skateboarding, what else? You see, the very first Azarius skateboard video contest resulted in a number stunning submissions. Well done, four-wheeled Azarians!

We presented three categories and these are the winners. Don’t forget to check out their gnarly moves:

Best trick

Tobias Engstler

Motivation: Your tricks show some amazing board control to the point where you tweak your tricks to be sicker or just look funkier in both transition and on the streets.

Best slam

Merlin Stiefenhofer

Motivation: We know how terrifying and hurtful it is to smack the back of your head into the concrete. You did it pretty bad but got up and were ready for another try. That's the true spirit of boarding!

Most creative video


Motivation: Your video shows a chill day of skating with a psychedelic touch while also keeping the visuals well connected with the audio. It's audiovisual :)

You didn't win? Bummer, dude. But as a consolation we offer a 5 euro discount code on the sick Azarius skateboard deck.

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