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How to keep weed heavenly fresh in 3 easy steps


There comes a time when the weed reservoir begins to swell up. For those growing that sweet Sheeba this time may come in late August after the harvesting season. For those who have greater resources and can joyfully stack up on weed any day, there are 3 easy, breezy steps to keep that stash fresh, moist but not too wet, and most of all, dank.

Dankness begins with care

Step 1: Dry thoroughly

Keeping your home grown weed fresh so that it maintains its powerful scent, a dense body, its full unadulterated flavour and can still easily crumble between the fingertips begins with an appropriate drying time. This is usually about 8 to 10 days after cutting.

Once the buds have been trimmed and set to dry, a slow process of curation begins. From this moment one can begin to modify the environment in order to reap the full benefits of properly dried buds. Air, light and moisture are the key elements of concern. If there is too much light and too much air, the buds may dry beyond a point where all taste is lost. Thus the buds must first be set to dry in a dark room with cool temperatures and low humidity. If scientific accuracy concerns you, the ideal temperature would be about 22°C. Darkness and low humidity are of crucial importance during this time so that the moisture in the buds does not evaporate too quickly or give way to mould. Ideally, hanging the buds inside a carton box would do the trick, but this all depends on the amount of weed you want to process.

Though no scientific knowledge is required in this process, it is beneficial to remember that timing is everything. Leave your buds in the open air for too long and the dryness will take a toll on your throat. Personally, I like to leave the buds to dry until the top layer crumbles finely but the body is still dense, requiring a grinder due to stickiness.

Step 2: Choose a container

In the jungle, weed is set to dry out in the sun after which it is stored and transported in 60-litre black plastic bags. There are no rules in the wild and still, they manage to produce smokable grass.

Further on, here in the civilized world, although we know not to stress too much about weed that is here today and gone tomorrow, we like to follow certain processes that give our weed a more qualitative feature. Processes that boost aromas and penetrate flavours in every cell of that fine herb. This is why a glass container with an air-proof top is normally the ideal item for marijuana storage. In a glass container where no air can escape or enter, the buds will certainly bask in their scent and the flavour will slowly creep into every atom. Airtight containers and tin cans are viable options as well. However, just like the glass containers, these can build up heat and moisture inside if not cared for on a regular basis or if exposed to too much light.

Step 3: Don’t forget

When the weed reservoir is flourishing, I like to be surprised by random glass jars full of weed just floating about in my apartment. Behind the couch, in the cupboard, bathroom mirror, next to the bed, etc. Every place that I might forget to look at. When this situation occurs, there is nothing like opening a jar full of weed and feeling a blast of aroma hitting your face, going directly from the nostrils to the brain. Dankness in its purest form.

Although properly dried buds can last a few days in a glass container without the need to be opened, it should be opened once every couple of days to let the buds breathe for a couple of minutes. This keeps the air inside fresh and gives the person holding it a sweet scent of heavenly freshness. On the other hand, if the buds are drying up rapidly, putting a small orange or lime peel inside the container will help keep a moisture balance.

As with all things, the recipe for success is to observe and be patient. The process is simple; let your buds dry accordingly in a cool and dark place, store them in glass containers, let them breathe, keep them away from light and humidity and voilà: complete freshness…ready to be smoked.

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