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Jack Herer: a legend and a popular plant


The Jack Herer cannabis plant is a well known strain that was created by crossing Haze with Northern light and Shiva skunk. Users describe the effects as blissful, clear and creative. The buds contain 18-23% THC and 0,03-0,2% CBD. This plant is named after the famous cannabis activist Jack Herer, who probably wouldn't want his name to be given to a plant with these THC/CBD proportions. Let us explain why.

Jack Herer, the activist

Jack is one of the most influencial people of the cannabis legalisation movement. He wrote the bestseller The Emperor wears no clothes, which sold a 600.000 copies. In this book he describes how hemp can be used as raw material for paper and textile. He also stresses the mindaltering effects and the medical applications of cannabis. Jack argues that his mother cured herself from Alzheimer's disease by using cannabis for six weeks. Until his death he maintained the argument that cannabis is effective against Alzheimer's. Many people thought he was crazy.

Scientific evidence

In 2015, a study on mice gave us the evidence for Jack's argument. It appeared that administering THC and CBD helps breaking down certain biochemical processes that are at the basis of Alzheimer's disease. The study also demonstrated that THC and CBD, the two most important cannabinoids, strenghten each other's medicinal effects. So for an optimal healing effect you would need both.

The THC trend

In the 70's, growing plants with high THC-levels became a trend. These buds made those who consumed them very stoned. These high THC level plants generally had very low CBD levels. This is unfortunate, especially since we know that the two cannabinoids work together. Read more on THC/CBD relations in our encyclopaedia article.

At the time when the Jack Herer plant was crosscultivated, the healing effects of CBD were unknown. Therefore the Jack Herer strain contains hardly any CBD, just like most other Dutch strains. Knowing that Jack Herer was an activist who strongly believed in the medicinal effects of cannabis, this just doesn't seem right.

The power of Jack Herer

Luckily it doesn't mean that Jack Herer weed doesn't get you high. This plant has won the largest number of Cannabis cup prizes of all. For many of us, the psychoactive effects are what matters most and the low CBD levels are not a dealbreaker.

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