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Music and your Brain!


We all know how good it feels to let loose to your favourite DJ or band, cut some shapes and flail around. But there is scientific research that proves it is actually good for your brain. Good news for the festivalgoers and party people of the world!

This is why you (and your brain) enjoy music

Music stimulates the pleasure and reward areas of your brain such as the orbitofrontal cortex and also releases one of our favourite feel good brain chemicals dopamine, which makes us feel great, just like all the other great things in the saying: Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll! It also leaves us feeling rewarded and wanting more that’s why most DJs can’t get enough of digging through the crates as often as possible. They are addicted to the release of dopamine when they hear a great tune.

Music and the psychedelic mind

Music as therapy

Music activates the parahippocampus which is the area of the brain where long term memory is stored, which is why listening to old songs can bring back long lost memories and nostalgia. It has even been proven to help patients with Alzheimer’s and Dementia to regain memory loss. Music therapy is also gaining more and more recognition as an alternative practice to combat all kinds of ailments including improving motor skills, cognitive behavior, concentration, as well as social and spiritual development. Music is a universal language, which we can all understand.

LSD and music are better together

Robin Carhart-Harris, researcher at the Imperial College London, has just wrapped up research into how the brain reacts to music when on LSD. He found that communication between the parrahippocampus and the visual cortex is reduced when LSD is taken. When music is added into the mix the visual cortex receives more information from the parahippocampus, this is associated with more eye-closed imagery and personal memories. Scientifically proving what hippies and ravers have known for years and years... MUSIC IS GOOD for your brain.

To enhance your listening experience we can recommend one of our favourite ways of listening. Make a chill-zone in your lounge, turning on some of your favourite music and taking a small (or big depending on you) dose of Magic Truffles, combine with a Mindfold if you want an enhanced visual experience! Dance like you’ve never danced before!

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