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Back from VooV Experience


Last weekend four co-workers of Azarius went to the VooV Experience festival in Putlitz, Germany. Because, as an internet shop we like to show our face sometimes, and sell our products personally without interference of computers and postal companies. We prefer to do that on a festival, because why not make partying people even more happy by selling our products?

After a pretty tough journey and a rainy arrival on a slumpy mud terrain we could create ourself a place on the Oriental market on thursday night.

Thankfully the sun was shining on friday so we could dedicate ourselves completely to de decoration of our stand and helping the first curious clients. It was only until the evening fell that the party really got started on the Alternative floor, but it was quite an experience!

The day after we could even practice some dancing at our stand because then the nearby located Main floor opened. There were many shops selling everything from clothing to waterpipes to coffee, chai and several foods. Our smartshop & headshop surprisingly was the only in its kind. We sold many people nice t-shirts, cacti, bongs, herbals and psychoactive herbs, we gave away a whole lot of free goodies and shared thoughts and experiences with our customers.

So in the end we've had a wonderful time: cool music, impressive location and decoration, sympathic clients from all over Europe, good atmosphere, great food (and great cocktails too), it was very relaxt so probably we'll do it again next year!!


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