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Up yours: new cannabis suppository


With cannabis, you can. At least we assume that's what they were thinking when they created a cannabis suppository called 'Foria Relief' for women with menstrual problems.

The American company Foria promises women who use this new vaginal suppository (with THC and CBD) to maximize the muscle relaxing and pain relieving properties of cannabis without inducing a psychotropic 'high', by delivering a dose directly where it's needed.

Each serving contains cocoa butter, 60 mg THC and 10 mg CBD, which is quite a lot more THC than most edibles.

Rectal use of cannabis

Though Foria Relief was designed specifically to alleviate menstrual cramps, it's also possible to insert the suppository in your rectum. According to Foria, this helps fight other kinds of aches in the hips and back.

There are indeed websites that suggest rectal use of cannabis is far more efficient than eating, smoking or vaping. Interesting, to say the least!

Foria Relief is not an officially licensed medicine and it's certainly not cheap. A box of four pills sets you back 44 dollars. For now, this product is only available in the United States.

Source - Nieuw: wietzetpil tegen menstruatiepijn (Dutch)

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