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We Screwed Up


It’s not you. It’s us. And we’re really, really sorry.

We’ve recently started using a new administrative system and we hit a few unexpected bumps in the road. Orders were temporarily ‘misplaced’, emails piled up, all our calculators divided by zero and our telephones wouldn’t stop ringing.

The good news is that all problems have been fixed and you can expect first class service from us, faster than ever before!

But we know we let you down and that’s really uncool. Since we’re not beyond a bribe to gain your affection, we’d like to offer you (and everyone else) a € 5 discount* on your next order.

Use the code HIGH5 (UPDATE: this code is no longer valid) at the checkout to claim your bribe. Please feel free to share this code with friends, family and fellow inmates.

Our deepest apologies for any inconvenience. We hope you can find it in your heart to forgive us. Or, at the very least, call off your pitchfork mobs outside our office (we’re having a little trouble parking our bikes).

Peace & Love,

The Azarius crew

* Applies to orders of € 20 or more, valid until 1 January 2016 or until the next all-out thermonuclear war, whichever comes first.

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