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Stoned as a shrimp vs. high as a kite

04-11-2015 - 1 Comments

Getting high and getting stoned; is it the same thing?

If you're intimately familiar with vaping or smoking cannabis, you'll probably laugh at the question, but for those who don't have as much experience the distinction can be difficult.

So what's the difference between being high and being stoned?


As the term implies, the stoned effect makes your body feel like a chunk of stone. Unable, or unwilling, to move.

If someone is smoking weed in a work of fiction (series, film or book), chances are you'll see the stoned stereotype. The typical 'pothead': lazy, incoherent and often downright unintelligent. We strange Dutch call this: being as stoned as a shrimp.

In reality, being stoned won't always be as overwhelming as it's portrayed in fiction. It's simply a relaxed state, which for some people also leads to sleepiness.

Indica cannabis strains generally give you a stoned effect. This type is ideal for late night hanging on the couch.


When you're high, your head is up in the clouds. Your creativity is soaring and you're able to have amusing philosophical thoughts that may not actually turn out to be as 'deep' as you initially thought.

As you'd expect from the term high, you feel energized and euphoric.

Sativa cannabis strains generally give you a (cerebral) high effect. Getting high can be a lot of fun with friends. Try a silly movie and you'll find it's even sillier when high.


Put simply, being high relates to what you're feeling in your head. Stoned is what it does to your body. The two are different but not mutually exclusive, so you can be both physically relaxed (stoned) and be more imaginative and prone to laughter (high) at the same time.

What's important to remember is that the effects of cannabis, like all psychedelics, also heavily depends on set & setting as well as your own physiology. Some people are more susceptible to certain effects than others.

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