BlogKanna: the best thing involving Africa since Toto
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Kanna: the best thing involving Africa since Toto


Our Dutch forefathers may not always have been the kindest people, but they certainly had a nose for quality. These intrepid explorers went to the far-away and mysterious continent of Africa, saw a strange plant being chewed by the even stranger indigenous tribes and just pointed and said: “We should totally try that shit.”

Now you can explore the wonders of Africa too and without having to leave your living room! Sceletium tortuosum or kanna is a plant native to the southern parts of Africa, where the locals have used the herb for hundreds of years. Kanna is known to elevate your mood and reduce stress.

Recently we added new kanna extracts and kanna seeds:

Kanna ET2 extract

A potent extract for experienced kanna users, with a very rapid onset of effects. ET2 kanna extract is recommend as a snuff. The taste of Africa up your nose!

Kanna UB40 extract

Kanna UB40 is another potent extract with a high concentration of mesembrine and mesembrinol, the main active alkaloids in kanna. The extract is coarser, made especially for vaporizer enthusiasts. We recommend setting your vaporizer at 188°C.

Kanna Thai extract

Special extract grown in Thailand, made solely from the leaves of the kanna plant. Best used as a tea or encapsulated.

Kanna seeds

The kanna plant is becoming increasingly rare in the wild. Our seeds come from a trusted source in South Africa, whose mission is to fight for the preservation of the species. Help preserve this unique gift from nature!

But what is it exactly?

To learn more about what makes kanna tick, read the kanna entry in the Azarius encyclopaedia or go to

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