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One Simple Trick Every Tripper Should Know


Apologies for the lame title, but if you haven't seen this you're really missing out. Your life will be more beautiful; colours will seem brighter, love glows stronger and even the worst pop song will seem remarkably catchy.

Super new psychoactive substance? No. Just the amazing, unstoppable capsule machine!

No wait, don't go. Let our lovely store clerk show you how it works:

More pillz, less time

If you like making your own trip capsules, you need to have a capsule machine in your life. Think of all the time you'll save! Time you could spend doing nothing on the couch, flirting with whatever sex you prefer and of course calling your mother. Never forget to call your mother!

Capsules and capsule machines are available in three sizes: '1' (400 mg), '0' (500 mg) and '00' (650 mg).

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