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Meet Dr. Wonder - our new oracle when it comes to all your product related questions!

What is the best vaporizer for medicinal use?

Choosing a vaporizer is like choosing any other electronic device; you will need to get an idea of how much usage your vaporizer will see, how long you expect it to last and how much can you afford to spend. However, for medicinal use I recommend a vaporizer with precise temperature control.

Being able to adjust the temperature will also greatly help to reach the desired effect. An internal fan to release the vapour or fill balloons are also great features you might consider.

Why grow autoflowering cannabis plants?

Autoflowers are small, stealthy, they grow quickly, produce big yields, have amazing resistance against mould, pest and insect, are quite forgiving of mistakes and can flower under any light cycle. ‘Nuff said!

Can I take more Trip-E caps than the recommended dose?

Nope. The recommended dose (2 pills within 24 hours) is suggested for safe and responsible substance use (and to not risk abuse). Sorry, we don’t mean to sound like your parents, but with products that have strong psychedelic effects, you should ‘respect the trip’ (while still having fun).

Sometimes when you think that the capsule isn’t working, the effects are only subtle and creeping in, or perhaps the experience is not what you were expecting. This is why we recommend taking one capsule at a time, with a glass of milk, to judge the effects. Wait at least 30 to 60 minutes and then decide whether or not to take more.

Which product produces effects most similar to the effects of cannabis?

Let me make it clear, there's only one queen. However there’s always a good reason to expand your palette, experiences and knowledge. And let's remember, different is not always worse. There are some products that come quite close to Mary Jane’s effects, or highlight one of its effects more than the other.

For instance, kratom possesses both the sedative and euphoric effects, but not the psychedelic touch, while marihuanilla can have stoned and mild psychedelic effects, but not as strong as cannabis and you usually have to brew a tea from it.

I've got brown spots on my mushroom grow kit, what should I do?

Don’t panic just yet. There are different causes and consequences of brown spots on a grow kit. If the brown spots (more like dust) are coming from the mushrooms themselves, especially the caps, this means that the mushrooms are overgrowing and should be immediately harvested. This brown dust is just the spores that are falling from the caps. This has little effect on the potency of the harvest.

Other kind of spots can develop on the substrate itself, especially on the white mycelium. When spots appear here, you should closely monitor them. If they become green or blue, that would mean mould. In that case your grow kit is contaminated and you shouldn’t harvest.

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Azarius magazine

This article first appeared in the second edition of the Azarius Magazine.

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