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Tinctures: bottles of magic elixir


Today we’d like to highlight our tinctures in a special Q & A session with Yolo Baggins, the forgotten Hobbit and our esteemed product testing chief.

What are tinctures?

Think magical herbs but liquefied for your convenience. The very essence of a plant condensed into a powerful extract in a tiny bottle. Up to fifty times stronger than the regular herb - it’s almost witchcraft!

How are they made?

Using alcohol-based extraction techniques and Tibetan chants, the active components of the herbs are separated from the ‘filler materials’. After all, we’re only interested in the stuff that produces an effect. It’s then mixed with grapefruit juice and distilled water for better flavour.

Are they really magical?

Well there’s magic in everything and everyone, from the biggest creature to the smallest cheeky little amoeba. But tinctures are especially magic. I personally oversee the fairy dust sprinkling.

Herbal tinctures

Why should I buy a tincture instead of the herb?

Why not both so I can send my Hobbit children to college? Choose a tincture if you like things easy and reliable. No preparation required. Ask yourself: can I swallow? If the answer is yes, congratulations, you have what it takes to use a tincture.

Impatient people will love tinctures too. The effects are noticeable far quicker than most other forms of consuming herbs.

How should I use a tincture?

Important safety tip of the month: don’t pour it in your ear. Trust me on this one. Tinctures are available in bottles of 10 ml or two dosages. Use the bottle cap to measure a dose – two full caps equals one dose. Just mix it with some fruit juice or tea. It also helps to take it on an empty stomach.

What kind of tinctures do you recommend?

I love them all! But it depends on what you’re looking for. A mellow high? Damiana is what you want. The paradoxical effects of kratom without any fuss? Boom. Kratom tincture. Or for something especially sedating and euphoric, try blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) tincture.

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