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Landjuweel 2015: come join our Psychedelic Sessions


From Wednesday 29 July to Sunday 2 August, Ruigoord is home to the 2015 edition of the Landjuweel festival. Azarius will be there, not just as a guest but as one of the organisers of the Psychedelic Sessions. If you're at Landjuweel on Friday, come on by the saloon!

What's the dealio?

The Psychedelic Sessions is six thought-provoking lectures on the psychedelic experience. Most of us know about trippin' and spacin', but what do psychedelics have to offer us from ritualistic, therapeutic, scientific or spiritual point of view?

Our speakers include Hans Plomp, the most famous Dutch psychonaut and a founder of Ruigoord, and Hans van den Hurk, founder of one of the first smartshops in the Netherlands, Conscious Dreams. From ayahuasca to peyote to LSD, everything psychedelic will be dissected.

The Psychedelic Sessions is hosted at the Ruigoord saloon, Friday 31 July from 1 pm - 6 pm.

(Please note: lectures will be in Dutch)


For those unfamiliar, Ruigoord is a village outside Amsterdam. In 1973, the abandoned village was squatted by a group of artists and has since become a small but flourishing community. Ruigoord is an idealistic and idyllic place where artists come together to work on joint projects.

What is Landjuweel?

The Landjuweel festival is the cultural highlight at Ruigoord. A special kind of festival, it's a five-day celebration of spontaneous creativity and a maze of insane playfulness. Expect lots of live music, talented DJ's, theatre, art, poetry, workshops, all kinds of shows and spectacles, spontaneous jamming sessions and secret corners.

Tickets & more information

The full Landjuweel programme will be available shortly on the Ruigoord website.

We hope to see you there, enjoying this unforgettable and extravagant festival with us!

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