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Psilocybin remedy for cluster headaches


Worldwide a lot of research has been done on the abuse of drugs, but for long no one wanted to fund research on their effect on the brain or as a possible treatment for people with psychological or medical problems. That is the opinion of George Greer, founder of the Heffter Research Institute, a scientific organization that organizes and funds research involving psychedelics. Actually, research was very successful before it was halted after these substances were pulled from the market and removed from research labs. In the past few years the door to scientific research on psychoactive drugs has been reopened for the first time since 1965.

A wonderful consequence of this resumed research are the results concerning cluster headaches. Cluster headaches (also called ‘suicide headaches’) are a specific variety of extreme, recurring headaches and are classified with migraines. Psilocybin appears to be a substance that has positive effects on people suffering from these and related vascular headaches.
This treatment offers hope to not only effectively treat ongoing cluster cycles but to actually break those cycles and to stop future cycles. According to patients, there is nothing like that on the market now, and there never has been.

Achieving relief from his nightmarish pain spurred Bob Wold to start a an organization. He now runs, where he communicates with about 200 other cluster-headache victims who have tried psilocybin to relieve their pain. Wold has collected reams of data in the form of questionnaires, which will be presented to Harvard's institutional review board.

'I'm very optimistic for the future,' Dr. Charles Grob, head of adolescent and child psychiatry at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, said. 'I think these compounds have tremendous untapped potential to be utilized within medicine and psychology. I think they need to be demystified, and safety parameters need to be established and studied. But with good controls, I think they can be used safely and effectively.'

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